6 Accessories Kids Can Wear With Their School Uniforms

6 Accessories Kids Can Wear With Their School Uniforms

School uniforms are a simpler way of dressing for school. They emphasize our similarities and how we can all learn what the teacher is teaching no matter who we are.

That being said, there's no reason you can't sneak a little individuality in here and there! There are little elements in most dress codes that you can take advantage of so your child feels special even in a crowd of other kids wearing the same outfit. Here are six accessories kids can wear with their school uniforms.

First, Though, the Rules

You chose this school for your child for a reason, and you knew there would be uniforms. You also don't want to get your child in trouble. First, look at the dress code rules. The more familiar you are with these, the easier it will be to find the loopholes or to think of workarounds that still fall within the acceptable limits. Start with small minor infractions and work your way up.

For the Boys: Belts

While there may be some girls' uniforms that can work a belt, belts make sense with almost all boys' uniforms. Belts come in many colors which means you have options to choose from for your son. Though you are limited by your school's colors, you may not be limited in your choice of buckle. There are way more types of belt buckles than you would think. The buckle can have one or two prongs, be reversible, have a military snap, use rings to keep the strap in place, have an auto lock, or look something like a seatbelt.

Then, of course, there are the plate buckles with a piece on top showing a design or picture. The easiest thing to imagine is a cowboy belt buckle, but with a different image—almost any image you and your son want! Check out the options and see what can work with your school uniform.

For the Girls: Hairclips and Jewelry

An easy way to help your little girl's uniform look adorable is with a little hair accessory! Pigtails tied with bows or a braid with a ribbon threaded through it are simple yet eye-catching hairstyles that anyone can do. A delicate necklace or shiny earrings might also lend an interesting touch to your child's outfit. See what works for your daughter!

For All Students


Whether you have boys or girls in uniforms, Socks are usually available to everyone as an accessory. Again, you'll want to keep within the regulations, but you may be able to play around a little bit. Patterned socks might be a possibility, depending on your school. Superman or Wonder Woman socks might be fun in that case. Girls' socks with ruffles on top might be cute, too. If the rules are a little stricter, see about polka dots or argyle patterns. If no prints are allowed, see if using a different weave is acceptable. Maybe ribbed socks can pass or herringbone socks. Again, there are more options here than you think. Explore and see what works.


Everyone needs shoes. Sometimes the school doesn't care. In that case, go crazy! Converse high tops, for instance, can give a devil-may-care look to a school uniform. Check your uniform colors and see if you can find a bold contrasting color for your kid's shoes. Red stands out well against both navy uniforms and monochrome uniforms. Yellow will stand out well against a purple uniform. Try yellow or green with maroon school colors.

Sometimes a school will standardize shoes, but if it does, often it will just tell you a color and, as long as you keep in line with the hue, the style can be anything you want. There are so many different designs for flats and slip-on shoes—even sneakers can come in the colors you might be looking for. Figure out what works and have fun!


Often the backpack is where kids can express themselves. A colorful backpack can liven up a boring school uniform instantly. Look for stand-out colors like we talked about with the shoes. Patterns will make a bag unique, which is helpful for keeping your child's things from getting lost in a backpack pile.

If you feel you don't have many choices or the patterns you find are all boring, consider buying a plain backpack and making a unique pattern yourself! If your child is a fan of simplicity and subtlety, look at backpack pins or keychains for the zippers. There are so many ways to make a backpack unique. How will you make your child's bag special this year?

Now that you have some options for livening up your child's school uniform figure out which ways make the most sense with your school dress code and your child's style. Have fun!


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