All the Accessories You Need for Workouts & Outdoor Adventures

All the Accessories You Need for Workouts and Outdoor Adventures

Studies have shown that people who work out in the fresh air achieve greater health benefits than they would be exercising indoors. That means that going for a 30-minute walk outside can be better for you than going for a 30-minute walk on the treadmill, for example. However, those benefits are only achievable if you are prepared with the right gear and accessories to keep you comfortable and make you look forward to doing it over and over again. Whether hiking, kayaking, camping, or jogging, here are the go-to accessories you should have on hand so you can easily grab them when heading out the door for one of your favorite workouts or outdoor adventures.

A Good Backpack

Depending on the specific outdoor activity you plan to enjoy, you’ll likely want to be hands-free. While a backpack is a smart choice, you need to keep in mind that backpacks have come a long way over the years. Finding the right one for you may involve more than just a simple search for “backpacks” on the internet. Before you make your decision, ask yourself what you want from your ideal backpack. Will you be using it for camping or for an occasional hike? Will you be taking it in a kayak where you run the risk of getting it and its contents wet? Or will you be using it for more of a cooler to keep drinks cold? There are so many options. If you plan on using it for a variety of things, you’ll want one that’s lightweight but can also support a heavy load. It should have lots of pockets and also be water-resistant. An added bonus is insulation so it can keep your lunch and drinks cold for those longer excursions.

Comfortable Shoes

Without the right shoes on your feet, you won’t be going anywhere. And even if you think you have the right shoes for your outdoor adventure, you may be stuck with blisters and sore feet if you don’t put enough thought into what type of shoes you need. When it comes to footwear, you really need to consider the type of activity you plan on doing and invest in the right pair of shoes to make it enjoyable instead of unbearable. For example, you wouldn’t go hiking in a pair of sandals, even if the sandals are normally comfortable for short walks. You’d risk stubbing your toe and getting friction from the fabric against your barefoot. You also wouldn’t go running in a normal pair of sneakers that aren’t designed to endure the impact of your foot on the ground. In your search for the best footwear for your outdoor adventures, be sure to be specific.

A Packable Rain Coat

Some of the best rain coats are the most versatile ones. When you want to truly be able to enjoy the outdoors at the drop of a hat, you won’t want to take the time to itemize every single thing you need. Instead, you’ll want to be able to grab a few reliable things that you know will keep you comfortable. As such, when a random rain shower strikes, you’ll be prepared if you keep a packable rain coat in the glove compartment of your car or in your backpack. You can even find some that fold up into themselves, barely taking up any space in your bag.

A Sleeping Bag

You don’t always know where life will take you. And when surprises take you off the beaten path, those can be some of the most invigorating and most memorable experiences. Don’t miss out on those opportunities by not being prepared. Chances are if you have the essentials, someone else will have anything else you may need, whether it is food, shelter, or just good company. In the absence of sleeping accommodations, a lightweight sleeping bag with an attached pillow is great to have on hand.

A Change of Clothes

Depending on what you’re doing, you might want to have a spare change of clothes or at least dress in layers. Something like a rash guard is great for summertime adventures when it is warm out but you want coverage from the sun. A rash guard is basically a lightweight shirt that you can also swim in. It dries super fast too. Also, don’t forget an extra pair of socks. It’s no fun walking around in wet or sweaty socks all day.

Of course, when it comes to all the outdoor workouts and adventures you can have, there are too many accessories to mention here. But starting with these basics will help you focus on where to invest your money and your efforts. Don’t waste your money on high-tech gadgets that won’t enhance your experience in the moment. Instead, stick to the basics, get out there, and have fun!


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