A Guide to Buying a Pajama Set for the Summer

A Guide to Buying a Pajama Set for the Summer

Summer is all about staying cool and letting the breeze in. Wearing PJs in summer often means finding the lightest, softest, most breathable fabrics on the market. You’ll want a flowy, breathable set of PJs that keeps you cool during those balmy summer nights. Beat the heat this year with these fantastic pajama sets for summer.

Soft and Silky

Comfy pajamas are key to a successful pair of summer sleepwear. Look for breathable, light fabrics. Typically lightweight cotton is the most cost-effective and coolest. Although other materials such as light sateen, linen, or hemp-based fabrics also work well. Try to avoid too many synthetic blends since they have elements of plastic blended into the fabric that doesn’t breathe well. Also, avoid heavy fabrics such as dense cotton, wool, and flannel, as these are designed to keep you warm and may be uncomfortable at night. Choose pajamas that are as light as the summer breeze to stay cool and ventilated throughout the night.

Short Sets

When it comes to choosing the right women’s loungewear for balmy summer nights, you’ll likely want to opt for shorts. Pajama sets that feature cool, airy shorts and a short-sleeve shirt on top typically perform well. Loose, swishy shorts allow for plenty of airflow where you need it most. This also doesn’t restrict movement, which is ideal for sleeping in virtually any position. The looser the fit, the more room for ventilation, which will ultimately keep you cool. Go for a relaxed fit and a chill vibe to maximize airflow and a mellow mood. These PJs perform so well you’ll never want to take them off!

Nighties You’ll Love

If you prefer to sleep without pants or shorts, then a summer nightie is a must-have outfit this season. Nightgowns can still look cute and comfy while keeping you covered and free to enjoy the cooler nights. Look for a nightgown that’s slightly loose and comes down to just about your knees. These summer-inspired gowns give you the best of both worlds. You’ll be covered, but without any pant legs to squeeze into, you’ll have less fabric touching your body. This maximizes ventilation and keeps you cool even on the hottest nights. Choose a style and pattern that puts a smile on your face, such as a bright, summery color or a delicate floral print. The result is a nightie you’ll feel good about wearing every evening.

Bottoms for Summer

There’s something to be said for the classic summer pajamas. Sometimes all you need for a good night’s rest is a lineup of comfy T-shirts and a cute pair of women’s boxers. A soft, cozy tee or tank pairs nicely with some cotton boxers made for women. An elastic waistband moves with you while the T-shirt gives you the ultimate in comfort without too much fabric. The combination of a pair of comfy cotton shorts with an elastic waist and a tee will always be one of our topmost comfortable pajamas for summer.

Lightweight Robes

For those who may want some coverage before bed, consider investing in a lightweight robe. Robes or kimonos (robes of a shorter variety) keep you covered while you get ready to rest your head. Perfect for families who have children, these robes are the perfect summertime companion. Opt for a sateen or silk fabric to feel extra lux. Get a cute monogrammed robe or opt for a funky and fun pattern that shares the spirit of the summer season.


Another excellent option for sleeping in summer is the bralette. These bras don’t have wires and can come in sporty varieties that feel more like crop tops than a bra. These are great for those who either sleep extra hot or don’t have air conditioning. It’s sort of like wearing a sports bra to bed. Light, airy bralettes aim to keep you covered and cool. The best part is you can easily pair them with an oversized tank during the day, doing double duty. Pack these for a weekend away or wear them every night.

The best pajamas for summer make your skin feel as cool and natural as possible. Soft, loose-fitting fabrics give you maximum airflow and make your outfit feel light as a feather. Mix and match different kinds of PJs for different looks to suit your summery mood.


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