Cotton Robes for Women

Cotton Bath Robe

Cotton Bath Robe

Shop Lands' End and pamper yourself in a cotton bathrobe for women, which is an essential sleepwear item year-round. There is nothing quite like feeling the soft cotton material after a shower or bath. A cotton robe quickly dries you and also come in handy once out of bed. A nice pair of women's house slippers, long cotton nightgowns, or petite pajama pants will match perfectly for this laid-back household look.

Women's cotton robes come in various colors like white, blue and light pink, or even animal patterns. You can find them with a long extension, up to calf-length, to give you even more coverage. The soft belt ties neatly around your waist and most of our robes come with pockets so you can carry some items before your relaxing evening bath. Some robes add sherpa fleece or offer a shawl collar and turn-back cuffs. There are also comfortable women's flannel robe or robes made of lightweight cotton.

All of the robes offered in Lands' End come with the option of making it personal by adding embroidery and/or monograms. You can add your personal touch to a very personal home item and make this bathrobe yours. These cotton robes don't just accompany you in the bathroom, they also accompany you when you have to get up in the middle of the night or to pick up the mail early in the morning. You can even shop for a matching pair for your significant other as we also have robes for men.

If you do not feel like wearing a complete plush cotton bathrobe, you can also shop for women's cotton robes lightweight. These robes are made from special lighter cotton and will feel much lighter on your body. If you live in an area where the winters get cold, then considering a warmer plush cotton robe would be a great idea. We offer the sizes, colors, textures, styles, and personal features you want, so you can confidently shop at Lands' End to find your perfect robe.