‘80s-Inspired Looks for Fall

‘80s-Inspired Looks for Fall

The ‘80s is one of the most beloved decades in fashion, thanks to the bold trends of the time. The media’s reach wasn’t nearly as wide as it is today, so trends were mainly informed by musicians, actors, and other celebrities of the time. The hair was big, the colors were bright, and many clothing silhouettes were supersized. Today, many of these trends have returned to fashion in full force. Others have re-emerged in more toned-down versions of the originals. No matter your style, it’s easy to bring these retro vibes into your rotation. Read on to discover our best ‘80s-inspired looks to rock this fall.

Go Big or Go Home

Nothing says the ‘80s quite like supersized shoulders. Voluminous detailing was one of the defining trends of the decade. Today’s version is more tone-downed but still exudes the same dramatic flair. Bring it into your wardrobe with a men’s blazer. The oversized, boxy silhouette is reminiscent of the ‘80s, while the structured fit looks neat and sharp. Wear it with a shirt and jeans, and add a pair of leather ankle boots to complete the look. For added style, throw on a waist belt over your jacket to tie your outfit together. If a blazer isn’t really your thing, you can still give a nod to the voluminous trend. Any top with exaggerated shoulder detailing will give you a similar look.

Keep it Sporty

Athletic wear was a huge trend in the 80s, thanks to the fitness craze inspired by popular aerobic workout videos of the time. While athletic wear still remains popular today, it’s not nearly as bold or loud as its ‘80s counterpart. If you're not ready to break out the legwarmers and leotards, use color instead. Vibrant neon colors, like yellows, oranges, blues, and pinks, will bring a retro touch to any sporty outfit. Pair a bright top with high-waisted leggings and sneakers, for example, and you have a comfortable and stylish look. For added ‘80s flair, throw on a French terry sweatband or a canvas visor as a finishing touch.

Enhance Your Glow

Neon colors aren’t just for summer and the gym. In fact, wearing them in fall is an instant way to elevate your wardrobe. Think bold fuchsias, warm oranges, and refreshing greens. These colors will bring instant ‘80s style to your look. Try pairing a bright neon skirt with a white skirt and white sneakers, for example. You can also show off neon colors through tops. Throw on an oversized neon sweater over leggings and wear it with ankle boots. For a striking look, mix and match different neon hues for a color block effect. Accessorize with neutral pieces and gold hoop earrings, and you have a head-turning, retro outfit.

Layer on the Leather

The punk rock and metal scenes had a big influence on ‘80s fashion. Leather biker jackets embellished with zips, studs, and metal buttons were all the rage. This trend wasn’t just limited to outerwear, though. Leather skirts, pants, and dresses were popular too. For a modern take on this retro trend, pair a leather moto jackets with a graphic T-Shirt and blue jeans. Finish it off with a pair of combat boots, or style it with high-top sneakers. You could also bring the ‘80s leather vibes into your wardrobe by styling a leather jacket with a matching leather skirt. Throw on a women's dress shirt or striped sweater to wear underneath the jacket. Then, add a colorful neck scarf for extra retro flair.

Double Up on Denim

Denim was a staple in fashion long before the ‘80s, but it had its own moment during the decade. Denim jackets were everywhere, and acid-wash, embroidered, and patchwork styles became a big trend. High-rise jeans and ripped jeans were also popular at this time. Today, denim is bigger than ever, with many ‘80s styles making a comeback. Bring this laidback, boho look into your wardrobe with a pair of high-waisted patchwork jeans. Wear them with a denim or blue cotton shirt, and add a leather belt and matching brogues for a true ‘80s look.

Tie-Dye it Together

Tie-Dye is another timeless fashion trend that has resurfaced in recent years. It also had a huge moment in the ‘80s. Many fashion designers have revived the print for the runway with new neon colors. Today, tie-dye is available in a variety of hues, patterns, and prints. There are also plenty of video tutorials online to teach you how to make your own. To create an ‘80s-inspired look, tuck a tie-dye T-Shirt into high-rise jeans and pair it with sneakers. You can achieve a similar look with a denim romper or skirt.

From tie-dye to padded shoulders, there are many ‘80s trends that are making a comeback today. Bring the retro vibes into your wardrobe this fall with these fun outfit ideas. You can also use our list to inspire your own. Go all out with oversized silhouettes, or keep it simple with one or two neon accessories. The bold shapes and extra pop of color will brighten your look—and your day.


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