7 Great Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

7 Great Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

When it comes to checking off all of the gifts on your list this holiday season, make sure you don't forget something for the people that invite you into their homes and help to make the holidays feel festive. Finding the perfect hostess gift should be simple and stress-free, and the best way to make this happen is by planning ahead. By picking out your gift for the holiday hostess in advance, you can avoid rushing to grab a random last-minute gift that you toss in the back of your car before heading to a Christmas Eve party or having to make a pit stop during the peak holiday shopping frenzy. Instead, picking out some gift ideas in advance can take one thing off of your plate this season, meaning you'll have more room for extra gingerbread cookies or cranberry sauce (we don't recommend mixing the two, for the record!).

Whether you have just one small hostess gift to pick out or several for the various seasonal parties you already have on the agenda, you'll be able to find the perfect gift (or gifts!) on the list below.

A Monogrammed Tote

Monogrammed totes are the perfect mix of thoughtfulness and practicality. Everyone appreciates a durable tote, and this is true for the hostess as well, who likely has some holiday plans of her own that she can use this tote for. Canvas totes are also super versatile, meaning you really can't go wrong. Adding a monogrammed touch makes the gift feel super personal and thoughtful as well. Take this gift to the next level by tucking a bottle of wine, some nice chocolate, or some local artisan popcorn inside of the tote, plus a "thank you" note for hosting the event!

A Pretty Scarf

Just like a tote, the right winter scarves can be the perfect hostess gift because they're so practical, easy, and versatile. With a pretty scarf, you don't have to worry about getting the right size or whether or not the hostess will feel confident rocking your gift since scarves are one-size-fits-all and universally flattering. Pick a pattern that matches her vibe and is seasonally on-point, like a festive red plaid CashTouch (a luxurious fabric similar to cashmere!) scarf with a fringe or an oh-so-soft and super versatile black chenille scarf with a cable knit texture. You really can't go wrong with such a warm and stylish gift.

A Pair of Slipper Socks

Give the gift of comfort with some winter-friendly slipper socks. Slippers will instantly make the hostess's life that much comfier, and after a day spent on her feet getting the house ready for guests, she'll so appreciate relaxing after the event in slipper sock luxury. While really any slippers make great gifts, slipper socks are especially easy for you because there are only two sizes to choose from. Opt for some festive and snuggly faux shearling-lined slipper socks in a print like Christmassy plaid. These are especially perfect when paired with some hot cocoa mix or a holiday-themed bath bomb.

A Dog Hoodie

For the hostess that's already planning how to dress her pup up for the party, she'll absolutely flip over receiving a dog jacket. Beyond being next-level adorable, dog jackets, coats, or hoodies are also practical and thoughtful since they show that you've noticed how much she loves hanging with her pup. Dog jackets are perfect for cold, winter morning walks or chilly hikes, so this gift is especially appropriate for your friend or family member that likes to stay active with her four-legged best bud. Go for a flashy pup-ready puffer vest or a quilt print hoodie, and get ready to be the most popular guest at the party.

A Christmas Ornament

If you're heading to a Christmassy holiday party that's before the 25th, the hostess will love an ornament to add to the tree. You can make this gift feel even more special by opting for a personalized Christmas ornament that she'll love to put on the tree year after year. Going the route of in-theme gifts is always a safe bet for this magical season, and ornaments are often not an item that many people would buy for themselves. Plus, she'll immediately think of you every time she goes to put this ornament on the tree, meaning this gift really has some longevity (which, of course, means more invites to awesome Christmas soirees for years to come!).

A Box of Chocolates

There is nothing that says thank you more than a box of sweets. Chocolate is the perfect gift because it is universally loved, and your hostess can share it with their friends and family. Chocolate offers a little something for everyone. If you know what your hostess likes you can personalize the chocolates to her taste. If your hostess has a sweet tooth, choose cherry filled chocolates, or if they prefer something more sophisticated, choose dark chocolate. If you are unsure of your hostess's taste in chocolate, you can pick out an assortment of flavor combinations so they can enjoy their favorites and share the rest with loved ones. Chocolates are sure to put a smile on your hostess's face. Don't forget to wrap the box in a beautiful ribbon for that extra flare!

A Candle

A candle can be just the thing to light up your hostess's evening. A candles fragrance and make a room feel warm and cozy no matter the time of year. Candles can add an beautiful aroma to any room, but don't pick anything too strong. Common light, refreshing candle scents to gift are vanilla, honey, cotton, and coconut. That doesn't mean that if your hostess loves a strong peppermint scented candle, you shouldn't get it for them, because you should. This gift is all about catering to them! A candle can be a centerpiece to a living space, whether lit or not, so pick something decorative that fits the style of your hostess's home.

With one of these seven gifts, you can show up at any party confident that you're making the hostess feel appreciated for her efforts. Since none of these are too large or expensive, they're also perfect for giving a little extra love without any fuss. We hope this list has you feeling inspired to tackle your holiday shopping in advance so you can focus on enjoying the holiday party season with stress-free ease!


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