7 Great Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

This holiday season will not be like last year. You absolutely will not be rushing to grab a random hostess gift and tossing it in a paper gift bag in the backseat of your car three seconds before your hostess greets you. No. This year, you're planning ahead. By having these holiday hostess must-have gifts on hand before you even receive an invite, you’ll win the award for best guest. If there were such an award...

1. A canvas tote with a fun monogram.

Canvas totes are unbelievably handy and absolutely everyone appreciates them because they are so versatile. They come in natural canvas or embellished with glitter. If you have plenty of advance notice, have her initials or a fun word monogrammed. You know her better than I do, but tuck a few artisan chocolates or a bottle of wine inside and you’re BFFs for life.

2. A small canvas pouch with a surprise inside.

For the same reason hostesses love totes, they'll love a small canvas pouch. You can also put the pouch and tote together and give your hostess the whole set. The pouch is ideal as a grab-and-go organizer for someone who never slows down. Before you hand it to your hostess, fill it with exactly what she needs: a Lands' End gift card, some extra luxurious hand lotion, and lip gloss...Who doesn't need lip gloss?

3. A pretty scarf to wrap up your thanks.

Throughout the course of history, we women have always leaned on this accessory. In our hair, around our neck, as a belt, or a bracelet...and not to brag, even as a shirt back in the 60s... This season our scarves feature fun skiing cows, a holiday plaid, and a nice triangle scarf with a snowflake border along with all of our usual scarf designs. A fashion scarf looks good on anyone, and it doesn't look too shabby wrapped around that bottle of wine I mentioned earlier.

4. Slippers and Slipper Socks mean no chance of cold feet.

If your hostess has wood or tile flooring, she will love you so much when you save her tootsies from the chill of winter and give her Lands End's Braided Hand Knit Slipper Socks or a pair of Sherpa lined fleece slippers as a hostess gift. She worked hard planning this gathering. You know how it is. She's been scampering around the house for the better part of a week prepping for this party. Let her know that you totally get it. These slippers, an assortment of gourmet hot cocoa mixes, and a personalized card from you reminding her to cozy up and let someone else do the dishes may be just the peace of mind she needs.

5. Fleece Half Zip for dog lovers.

I like to give a fleece jacket to my dog-loving hostesses, because it’s the best insulator for winter walks and snuggling on the couch afterwards. This fleece, some dog treats....next thing you know Fido is sending you party invites.

6. Down Vest repeats your warmest wishes.

Lands' End has amazing Ultralight Packable Down Vests that literally fold down into their own pocket. Not joking. So, your hostess gets this great layering piece that takes up so little space, you could sneak it right inside that Canvas Tote from suggestion #1 without even having to remove the chocolates and scarf wrapped wine bottle.

7. A great pair of warm gloves and a scarf to match.

Give her a hand with a toasty pair of warm winter gloves, like our CashTouch Gloves and coordinating Scarf. However, if the hostess is your mother-in-law, then we suggest you go with the Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves. Don’t even hesitate.