6 Ways to Accessorize Your Summer Outfit

6 Ways to Accessorize Your Summer Outfit

Summer outfits are usually easy and breezy. These pretty, effortless styles are typically simple to pull together and look great, but if you want to add a little extra splash, special touch of style, or make them shine with your own personality, there are lots of ways to spice up your summer outfits or women’s dresses with accessories.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Role of Summer Hats

Summer hats are stylish and eye-catching, so they have a big impact even though they are just a single accessory. A wide-brimmed sun hat lends a touch of mystery to your look, while a cute ball cap makes any outfit feel instantly sporty. Mid-size straw hats are versatile and casual, making them ideal for most summer outfits. A small fedora is appropriate for a smart casual or slightly dressy look, and a floppy hat adds a pretty touch to an outfit with a feminine or elegant vibe. A patterned rain hat is a cute look that can jazz up a simple summer look.

2. It’s All About the Shoes (and Sandals)

Summer shoes are tons of fun. You can try basic flats, peep-toe flats, embellished sandals and flip-flops, gladiator sandals, open-toe heels, heeled sandals, wedges and espadrilles, canvas tennis shoes, bejeweled or dressy athletic shoes, ankle-strap and lace-up sandals, summer cut-out booties, glittery or sporty slides, and many more! Don’t be afraid to mix up your look with shoes that have a different vibe than your overall outfit—this unexpected mix can provide an adventurous style. A feminine maxi dress with sporty shoes or casual denim shorts and a women’s summer shirt with dressy sandals have unique style elements that are anything but boring.

3. Grab the Best Summer Bags

Yes, your summer bag can make a style statement! This practical and functional accessory takes up plenty of real estate on your look, so make it worthwhile. Look for styles that complement your outfit, such as a rope-handled tote with a striped tee and khaki shorts to channel a nautical look or a small glittery pastel summer clutch that pairs beautifully with an elegant summer sundress. Tote-style bags and beach bags are popular for summer because they allow you to stash and store many summer essentials, but the bevy of styles means you can easily switch up your looks.

4. Put on Pretty Summer Scarves

Lightweight and pretty summer scarves aren’t meant for warmth like their winter cousins. Instead, these are designed as more of a style accent to add a subtle splash to your outfit. Summer styles may be done in pastel or vivid colors, or feature floral or abstract summer prints. You can add style with a scarf by tying it around your neck with a cute knot, tying it to your purse or tote for an extra accent, or wearing it in your hair as a hair accessory. If you are wearing a dressier outfit, like a blouse and women’s cropped pants, you can tuck the scarf at the blouse’s neckline and poof it out slightly as an accent. If it’s long enough, you can even roll the scarf and use it as a cute belt—the options are endless!

5. Consider Summer Jewelry Options

Summer jewelry can be tricky at times, especially if worn outdoors because heavy options and metals can become too hot or make you sweat. Follow these tips for perfect summer jewelry styling:

6. Pick up Stylish Sunglasses

Looking for an accessory that functions to make you look great and protect your eyes from those harmful rays? Look for a pair of stylish sunglasses to complete any summer look. From cool aviators to statement-making oversized sunglasses, your summer style will be set off beautifully with any pair of sunglasses.

Summer Style Accessorized Right

You may not think of accessories as much in the summer—winter takes the cake with its plethora of hats, gloves, scarves, stockings, leg warmers, ear warmers, boots, and more—but with a little creativity you can get a fabulous summer look that’s even more splash-worthy with great accessories. From a simple sun hat to a pair of trendy sunglasses, you’ll be ready for your walk in the sun.


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