6 Clothes That Are Going Out of Style This Fall

6 Clothes That Are Going Out of Style This Fall

The fashion industry loves to keep us on our toes. What’s fashionable one season might go out of style as quickly as it came in. One way to prevent this is to make sure you have a wardrobe full of timeless classics, but that can get boring if you like to switch things up now and then. For example, your little black dress might look great during any year or season, but you’ll likely want to change the way you style it if you keep a pulse on emerging trends. Such is the case this fall. Your summer wardrobe will slowly go out of style, and even past years’ fall clothes might no longer be in style anymore. If you like to keep up with changing trends — whether in regard to fabrics, accessories, prints, or colors — take note of these six clothing trends that are going out of style this fall.

Anything Beachy

No matter how badly you want to keep summer around, it’s time to retire your summer wardrobe and accessories once October rolls around. This is especially the case for anything with seashells, which definitely dominated the look of purses and jewelry this past year. Replace that beachy summer jewelry with timeless, elegant pearls this year. In terms of fabric and color, it’s time to say goodbye to gingham and pastels too. Don’t forget to put away your white shoes and purses after Labor Day either. Unless you’re feeling rebellious, true fashionistas consider this a fashion faux pas. If you really, really want to wear white shoes or use a white purse, you can get away with a cream or off-white color instead.

Mom Jeans

If you’re one of the trendsetters that helped bring back 'mom jeans,' good for you. They may have been stereotyped in the '90s, but women knew that there was a reason the high-waisted, figure-hugging jeans were so popular: they were feminine. Sure, the pleats and stonewashed look may not have been ideal, but some mom jeans were and still are quite stylish. However, fashion designers are upgrading that mom jean look for 2020 and replacing it with something similar. So, while those high rise jeans with the straight legs may not necessarily be “in style” come fall, they will be replaced with a new style that has a baggier pant leg. You can keep the high waist, but get ready for really wide bell-bottom style jeans, which look great over a pair of leather boots and with a cropped top.

Oversized Blazers

Speaking of cropped tops, cropped blazers are all the rage this year, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to those long, oversized blazers. The same is true for cardigans, as cropped women’s cardigans are all over the runway this year. With your cropped blazer or cardigan, there’s a lot of versatility in regard to what to wear underneath it. You could wear it over a tank top or camisole for a simple but romantic look. Or you could wear it over a flannel for a more casual look. You could even wear it as a fall jacket when temperatures are mild.

Tight Dresses

While they won’t completely go out of style, tight dresses are being replaced by looser styles like babydoll dresses and anything with big ruffles. Something bell-shaped and baggy that hits just above the knee can look really cute, especially when worn with a pair of high leather boots. Don’t assume that your cotton sundresses will suffice though. The lighter fabric means they will have to be stored away for the winter as well.

Dull Colors

This fall especially, we’ll need a little more color in our life after summer goes away. As tempted as you are to stick to classic blacks and browns, especially on dreary days, instead look for bright, fun colors like marigold and plum. One economical way to do this without rehauling your entire fall wardrobe is to buy some new accessories in these colors to bring some life to the classics in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them either and play with different patterns, like zebra print. Keep it fun!

Uncomfortable Clothes

Sometimes it’s less about how an outfit looks and more about how you wear it and how confident you feel in it. In other words, if you feel uncomfortable, chances are you’ll also look uncomfortable. With working from home growing in popularity, especially this year, there’s no reason to suffer throughout your day in uncomfortable, stiff clothing. You can still look professional in comfy work from home clothes and also likely be even more productive. In fact, many people are saying that “comfy casual” should be the new business casual.

Again, just because it’s a new season in a new year doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your entire fall wardrobe, but giving it a facelift and refreshing it with a few new pieces will make you feel brand new this fall.


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