10 Creative Ways to Wear Flannel Shirts Throughout Winter

10 Creative Ways to Wear Flannel Shirts Throughout Winter

Flannel shirts and wintertime go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows. They’re warm, but not too warm. They’re soft and cozy but still look put together. They’re professional without being too stiff. We can go on and on about how great flannel shirts are for the whole family. But are you getting the most out of your favorite flannel shirts? If you don’t know how to wear flannels in winter, you’re missing out on a variety of stylish opportunities. We’ve got 10 different ways to wear flannel shirts and enjoy this wintertime wardrobe staple.

Tuck It In with a Belt for a Dressed-Up Look

Flannel shirts look great tucked into a pair of jeans with a belt, just like a typical dress shirt would. You could either leave the top two buttons undone or button them up for a more formal look. Or, instead of jeans, tuck your flannel into a pair of dress pants. Just be sure to be conscious of color matching. While flannels match jeans quite easily, they don’t match every color of dress pants. Stick with dark navy and black to play it safe. Make sure your belt matches your shoes as well.

Wear It Open Over a T-Shirt with Jeans for a Casual Look

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you could opt for a more casual look by wearing your flannel over a solid-colored T-shirt showing. Depending on how casual you’re feeling, you could button it up most of the way while only showing part of the T-shirt underneath, or you could let it hang loose with it completely unbuttoned. Have fun pairing your flannel with different colors as well. White and black are always reliable, but wearing a T-shirt in one of the primary colors of your flannel can really make it pop.

Wear It Over a Turtleneck

Layering is perfect for wintertime when indoor air temperatures can fluctuate at the drop of a hat — especially if you’re active indoors, cooking, or doing chores. Wearing a flannel over another warm shirt allows you to take it off when you get too warm, without chancing getting too cold. And wearing a turtleneck underneath, instead of a T-shirt, ensures that your neck will stay warm as well.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Flannel by Rolling Up Your Sleeves

One of the best things about flannel shirts is that their buttons open up many fashion possibilities. By rolling up your sleeves with the handy two-button adjustable cuffs, you can transform your flannel shirt when you’re warm or when you just want to show off your watch and bracelets.

Style Your Flannel Tied at the Waist

Ladies, if you think that flannel shirts lack the shape-flattering abilities you crave, then it's time to explore some new styling methods. First, leave the top two and bottom two buttons undone. Then, take the loose bottom ends and tie them together. Many of our flannel shirts come with built-in stretch so you can keep your shirts comfortably fitted to perfectly complement your body. Choose the tailored fit instead of traditional for an even snugger fit.

Wear It Like a Tunic Over Leggings or Skinny Jeans

A long flannel shirt pairs nicely with leggings, especially when you cinch your waist with a belt. Alternatively, you try a pair of skinny jeans with one of our relaxed silhouette shirts to embrace both comfort and your natural figure. If you really like the look of your flannel button-down shirt over leggings or skinny jeans, why not try a flannel tunic? It offers the same look, but without the buttons. Add some leather boots, and you’re good to go.

Pair It With Its Opposite

Opposites attract, and flannel is no exception. Try pairing a flannel with a sleek leather skirt or pants and see for yourself. The brushed flannel feels and looks soft and touchable, while the shiny slick leather provides a cool contrast. Tie the flannel at the waist, pairing it with a camisole or women’s tank top underneath, or tuck it in completely. This option is great for a date night or girls’ night out during wintertime.

Wear It to Work

Flannels don’t just come in the typical plaid, lumberjack style we know and love. They also come in solids and make great work shirts. Whether under a blazer or on its own, enjoy a flannel shirt as opposed to a traditional, button-down dress shirt to help you endure long winter days in comfort at the office.

Make Flannel Your Work-from-Home Standby

If you work remotely, you probably enjoy the benefit of wearing comfy work-from-home clothes. But sometimes we can get too comfy, which can cause moments of panic when you suddenly need to videoconference your boss. Having a flannel draped over your chair can be great in the event of an emergency when you’re sitting in your pajama top.

Buy an Oversized Flannel and Break All the Rules

When it comes to flannel shirts and how you wear them, remember that you’re the one who makes the rules. Everything else is just a suggestion. For that matter, and since flannel shirts are so comfortable, why not buy an oversized flannel and wear it over your pajamas for added warmth and coverage? After all, there’s no reason flannel shirts should be reserved for daytime use. Or you could simply buy yourself a flannel robe. Either way, an oversized flannel can easily play the part of a robe, without looking like a robe.

No matter how you wear your flannel shirt this winter, you’re sure to look stylish while enjoying all the benefits of this much-loved shirt.


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