5 Reasons to Wear Wool

5 Reasons to Wear Wool

Wool enjoys quite the reputation for its comfort and coziness. There's no way to deny the material's inherent winter context, and it's so versatile that it can easily be worn as a light layer during fall and spring. If you're in the market for a piece of women's outerwear to keep you toasty on the chilliest days of the year, look no further than a wool coat. Need some slippers? Try a pair of wool slippers. What makes wool so warm, wonderful and worthy of your wardrobe? Consider these advantages.

1. Dream Insulation

Forget any other material if you're looking for something that actually keeps you warm when temperatures start to drop. Wool insulates like nothing else, thanks to its ability to trap air between your body and its fibers. You'll feel especially snug when it's freezing outside, but the real beauty of wool is that it's temperature-friendly. The material pulls moisture away from the surface of your skin, so your body temperature is regulated throughout the day. Even when it's warm outside and you're wearing a light wool layer, you won't have to worry about sweating it out. Humidity evaporates through wool, so you're left feeling cool even if the temperature soars. How's that for a smart garment?

2. Renewable Fiber

Wool feels great, sure, but it also earns serious bonus points for its renewability. The production process is straightforward: after springtime shearing, the fleece is thoroughly cleaned before it's spun into yarn and the sheep continue to grow new fleece yearly. Skilled knitting and weaving techniques make wool the star of everything from sweaters and winter scarves to women's winter coats and suits. But other fascinating properties of wool also contribute to its sustainability. Sheep consume plants, which provide organic carbon content that helps them produce their abundant wool. This contributes to a healthy and continuous carbon cycle. Because wool is traditionally a dry-clean-only textile, it's washed far less frequently. This eliminates its strain on the environment by reducing dependency on valuable resources, like water and energy. The material is also recyclable and biodegradable and can be repurposed to create anything from new women's coats to trousers.

3. Water Resistance

Forget about dealing with yet another piece of drenched outerwear for women. While other fibers are susceptible to soaking and developing harsh odors as a result of moisture intrusion, wool is water-resistant. A little bit of rain is no match for the filmy outer layer of wool, known as the epicuticle. It repels water instantly, thanks to the presence of lanolin. Whether you're standing in a sudden downpour or caught in a storm, you don't have to worry about feeling those drops touch your skin. While it's a natural repellent, wool also has the uncanny ability to absorb moisture — Merino wool soaks up approximately 30 percent before the material ever begins to feel remotely wet! The epicuticle contains small pores that pull moisture into the fibrous strands, where a chemical reaction occurs and helps water dissipate. That's key whether you're wearing a wool base layer in the spring or a wool coat for women in the middle of winter.

4. Excellent Fit

You don't have to suffer to find the perfect wool coat. The fibers naturally possess a slight give — just enough stretch to keep you comfortable when you're walking through the city on a brisk fall morning and making your way to the train at the end of a long day. No matter how much you move during the day, you don't have to worry about your wool garments losing their shape because they're designed to stand up to the challenges of everyday wear. The fibers are naturally smooth, which makes them more body-friendly than other materials. What that means for you: you don't have to negotiate to find the warmest winter coat that keeps you feeling both comfortable and stylish when it's made with wool. The fabric's softness, coupled with excellent construction and attention to detail, makes any wool piece a naturally flattering asset to your wardrobe.

5. Wrinkle Protection

The tighter the weave, the less likely your wool garment is to wrinkle. It's just one of the many traits that make the fiber so appealing. Although heat and moisture can create light creases in some pieces, it's key to remember that wool bounces back. You can steam it lightly and you'll find that it looks brand new within moments. The material handles creases like a charm, thanks to the natural elasticity of the fibers. Because they're so stretchy, they return to their normal state quickly. Think of it as a spring of sorts. The texture is such that no matter what you do, it will return back to its original condition. That's great news if you're headed somewhere fabulous for vacation and want to pack it along with your stunning winter coat.


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