5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. We love them, hate them, make them, and break them. Why not try a different approach for 2023? Make some meaningful New Year’s resolutions just for you. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own list.

I Will Wear Clothes That Fit Me

This one may seem easy, but it is incredible how many of us fail to do this. We are no longer children who will grow into our clothing. We are adults who deserve to look and feel stylish now. This means knowing our current measurements and only buying clothes that fit our beautiful petite, regular, tall, or plus-sized frame.

If you are a unique size and you are tempted to buy an item that you know won’t really fit because it is on sale, gorgeous, will almost fit, or you think it doesn’t really matter how you look if you are just hanging out around the house, STOP. Back away from the clearance rack. Repeat to yourself: “I deserve clothes that fit. I deserve clothes that fit. I deserve clothes that fit.” Do your best to find retailers who cater to your body shape (like Lands’ End), and don’t settle for less. If an item is too long but otherwise is proportioned for your body, hem it or have it professionally altered. If it is too short or too tight anywhere, leave it. Don’t settle. You are worth it.

I Will Wear Colors That Flatter Me

Have you ever tried on a women’s blouse in just the right color to bring out your eyes or go perfectly with your skin tone? Isn’t that the best feeling? Even in brick-and-mortar fluorescent store lighting, you look and instantly feel prettier. Why not give yourself this gift every day?

An easy way to approach this is to think of the colors that make you look dynamite and repeat them regularly. Learning about seasonal color analysis and what “season” you are is also a great approach. You can find tons of information online about this. It’s amazing how much better you look (and feel!) when you are wearing your best colors.

I Will Buy Fewer Clothing Items and the Ones I Buy Will Be of Better Quality

This may be a bit difficult for those of us who love a good clearance sale but trust me on this. Do a New Year’s closet inventory. What pieces do you have that fit? Are they built to last? Are they in colors and styles that you will enjoy wearing for years to come—or at least won’t fall apart after a season or two?

Do a New Year’s clothing budget inventory while you are at it. Do you know how much money you spent on clothes in 2022? Which ones would you repeat? Don’t you still love that classic women’s cashmere sweater or that black pencil skirt? You can end up with a much nicer wardrobe if you buy fewer pieces of better quality.

I Will Exercise My Body in a Way That Works for Me

We all need to exercise, and this is a good thing! By finding small ways to increase our activity in ways that we enjoy, we can care for our bodies better. Do you like working out at a gym? No? That’s great. You have now eliminated one item from your list. Maybe you prefer to walk outside when the weather is lovely or walk on a track while enjoying your tunes. Maybe the camaraderie of an exercise class in a T-shirt and women’s workout pants is up your alley. Perhaps doing some chair yoga would be approachable and feel great. Is there a sport or activity that you used to love but haven’t done for years? Perhaps it’s time to put that back on your list of priorities. Tennis or ballroom dancing, anyone? Feel free to experiment with new exercise ideas too. Maybe try something brand new to see if you like it.

I Will Appreciate How Fabulous I Already Am

This is the most important New Year’s resolution on the list. Discover ways to appreciate how fabulous you are right now—not after you lose a little weight, tone up, change your hairstyle, redecorate your home, go back to school, or get that promotion. Find little ways to reinforce this daily. Start a “gratitude about myself journal” and write in it daily. Think about all the goals that you have already achieved in life (and all the challenges you have overcome). Think about the things that other people have complimented you on (and the things they may not realize that are even better about you).

Make some meaningful New Year’s resolutions that are just for you this year. You’ll be glad you did.


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