Top 5 Items for Your Child's Summer Wardrobe

Top 5 Items for Your Child's Summer Wardrobe

The most anticipated season is coming, and what better way to get ready for summer than to add a few new pieces to your little one’s wardrobe. Chances are, they have grown quite a bit since last summer and they’ll need some comfortable ensembles to have fun in the sun. Whether you’ve got a toddler on your hands or a teenager, we’ve got something for your child’s needs for the hot temperatures coming up.

For Him

Shorts for boys are essential when it comes to hot weather. With so many different styles and cuts, finding the right pair of shorts should be “a summer breeze to make him feel fine,” like Seals & Crofts suggest in their song. They should also match his personal taste and style. Is he athletic? Is he the “dress-to-impress” dapper kid in his group of friends? For the athlete, mesh or gym shorts are perfect to lounge around in and hang out with friends. Cargo and Chino shorts are for those dressier summer occasions such as an outdoor wedding, a family barbeque, family photos and even those warmer school days as they approach summer vacation.

Kids’ tee shirts are also a must. When it comes to tops, you really want to be mindful of the material. It is best to stick to breathable, lightweight cotton, linen and rayon to keep cool in the hottest of temperatures. You also want to stick to light colors such as whites, light greys and other neutrals if he will be spending a lot of time in the sun since dark colors absorb the most heat. This is especially true if he’s going to be playing some of those popular summer outdoor sports with his friends. Even if it’s just shooting hoops outside, moisture-wicking material will make it more enjoyable for him.

For Her

Dresses for girls are popular because they take almost no effort at all to look stylish in. When it comes to most girls, their style really comes first. Therefore, the trick is to find stylish pieces that are as convenient and comfortable for them to wear as they are fashionable. A summer staple is obviously the summer dress. Choosing the perfect dress depends on her taste and style. Does she prefer maxi or short? Is she a “prints” type of gal or does she prefer solid colors? Another great feature about a summer dress is that it can be dressed up with a cute pair of sandals or dressed down with the trendiest sneakers no matter the length.

Girls’ skirts such as the skort are a great way to dress up a pair of shorts. If she’s more on the active side, she’ll most likely prefer a pair of comfortable shorts and a T-shirt. Paired with a top and sneakers, she’s sure to be living her best life no matter what fun summer activity the day brings. If you have an athlete on your hands, she may prefer to spend those hot days in athleisure wear so she can stay ready. Whether it’s kicking a ball around outside or hanging out with girlfriends, she’ll be ready and set to go.

Girls’ swimsuits and boys’ swim trunks are always a necessity when it comes to summer. Afterall, what says summer more than spending the day at the neighborhood pool or on vacation? When choosing the perfect swimsuit for your him or her, some features to look for are rash guards and UPF 50 to protect them from UV rays and skin sensitivities.

Girls’ and boys’ hats. If you’re planning on taking camping trips, hikes and other outdoor activities, be sure to have hats for sun protection. A basic baseball-style cap is perfect to provide shade; be prepared to purchase more than one. Girls love these to hide a bad hair day or to skip doing their hair. Boys tend to love them for everyday wear and need more options as they start collecting them.

Lightweight jackets are also a good idea to have around for those rainy days. Sometimes the hot summer temperatures get interrupted by unexpected weather changes. Cold summer days are different from those cold fall and winter days, therefore you don’t want your kids to use the same heavy, insulated jacket they’ve had in previous seasons. A lightweight jacket for summer will keep them warm enough to brave the summer cold or rain. Because these cold spells don’t usually happen often, one lightweight jacket is enough for the season.

Since these items are just summer basics, they should be able to last all summer long. Because they are basics, your kids should also be able to mix and match them to create new outfit looks for different days of the week. However, if you have any upcoming family trips out of town, you may need to shop for extra items to go along with your vacation destination.


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