5 Hairstyles with Flowers for This Spring Season

5 Hairstyles with Flowers for This Spring Season

We always style our hair in different ways depending on how we feel, what the weather is, and maybe even how late we slept in. While any hairstyle can work pretty much any time, some hairstyles seem to be made for spring—especially when you add a flower or two to really get into the season! Here are five spring hairstyles with flowers to try out in 2022.

The Braid

A classic braid is a good fit for the bohemian nature of spring. A messy french braid gives that carefree feel while also keeping your hair away from your face. This is a good choice for beach days since the mix of saltwater and ocean breeze can create tangles to frighten any brush back into its drawer. With a braid, you can keep the free-spirit feel without having to sacrifice an hour of untangling later. Threading flowers of various sizes into your braid is a lovely decoration and easy to do since the twists of the braid hold the flowers in place. If this is you, consider pairing your braid with a swim skirt to complete the look.

Additionally, if you are the sporty type, a braid is a great way to get yourself ready for a fun activity without sacrificing style. Throw on some women's board shorts and get ready to surf!

Whichever day it happens to be for you, try a braid for your spring fashion.


Spring is a time to be natural, so having your hair free and curling around your shoulders in the sun or swaying and shimmering back and forth is just the perfect fit. Parted on the side or in the middle, let your hair down and enjoy the season. Your hair is unique to you and there is nothing like feeling your hair flutter in a spring breeze. Add a statement flower behind your ear to catch the eye and you are ready to greet the new year.

It's not just your hair that can look good in a simple style with a little spring emphasis. Choosing a simple black tankini can coordinate with your clean, pure impression while subtly drawing attention to your loose hair flowing freely in the wind and that flower peeking out from its perch.

The Bun

The bun is a classic look that can give several different impressions but what can make it particularly "spring" are the tendrils that escape their confinement to flit and flirt around your face. It's sophistication with a hint of playfulness. Adding smaller flowers in and around your bun gives a nice touch to this bloom of a hairstyle. If this sounds like you, get a comfy cotton dress to complete the effect is a must.

The bun can serve the sporty well, too! It keeps hair back and out of the way, letting you engage in all the activities you want. If you do happen to be the active type, particularly if beach-going is in your plan, consider rash guards for yourself and your family. Having your hair up does let you play, but it also exposes your shoulders to the sun. Keep covered so you can have fun all day long!


This graceful look combines the best of up and down. The "up" reveals your beautiful face, while the "down" frames and lengthens, making it a great style for nearly everyone. We can sometimes forget about this look, but it is a classic for a reason. Use a cute clip or a subtle hair tie to get yourself ready for the spring day. Add a single statement flower or a mini bouquet to the tie point to show your spring.

Putting your hair half up doesn't just work for your daily look. It is also elegant enough for your evening, too! Those who like versatility—or who would rather not have to take up time resetting to an evening style — can wear their hair half up and pair the style with outfits that are similarly flexible. Check out these cute beach coverups that work for both a day beach trip or a casual evening boardwalk stroll.

The Crown

No spring hairstyle list would be complete without the crown. After parting your hair, start twisting it from the front to the back, picking up more hair as you work your way around her head. Your twisted hair encircles your head to make a "crown." Add some blooms to the twists to make it a flower crown, and voila! You are a perfect match for the new season.

The unique thing about the crown is that it can be combined with many of the other hairstyles on our list. Turn your twists into braids for a braided crown, or pick up only the top layer of hair to make a half-up crown. If your hair is long enough, you can even turn your twisted ends into a bun. Don't forget your flowers!

Now you are ready to take yourself and your family on some fun spring activities!


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