5 Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Has Everything

It happens every year, often more than once. Mother’s Day, Christmas or Mom’s birthday rolls around — and you, like the model child you are, have absolutely no idea what to get. What’s the perfect gift for a mom who has everything?  Fret not. We’ve put together five gifts sure to meet the standards of even the pickiest moms.

1. A bath towel with her name on it.

Monogrammed bath towels – or, better yet, one of our nearly six-foot-long bath sheets — are an easy way to make mom feel pampered. For a smooth feel and heavy, indulgent weight, opt for a Turkish Spa Bath Towel. Try Supima® or Hydrocotton® for moms who prefer their towels extra fluffy. Go for one of our oversized monogrammed beach towels if it’s summer. And for the environmentally conscious moms out there, organic cotton bath towels might be just the ticket.

Whichever you choose, make it memorable. Add a custom embroidery with her name, nickname or initials. We’ll do a single towel for $8, and if you decide to go for the set, you get a monogrammed hand towel, too, for just $12.

2. Cozy – or breezy – bed sheets.

Seasons change; her sheets should, too. For winter, we recommend all-cotton flannel sheets. They don’t ice up in cold rooms like synthetics do. Instead, they’ll greet her weary toes with night after night of soft, cozy warmth. Pair them with a flannel duvet cover, and she’ll be turning down her thermostat.

In the summer, think light and breezy. Belgian flax linen sheets are some of the most comfortable we’ve found. But classics like our cotton oxford bedding or silky-soft no iron Supima sheets are good choices, too. Once you've found the right sheets for Mom, consider throwing in some linen spray to go with her new sheets. It’s a great way to freshen up the sheets and make the whole room smell amazing!

3. Her very own personalized Christmas stocking.

When it’s that time of year, it’s hard to go wrong with a personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking, especially if she’s visiting your place for the holiday. After all, she probably hung a stocking for you all those years. Why not return the favor? 

When you’re getting the stocking personalized, think about whether she’d like her name on it, or mom, or maybe even grandma. Speaking of grandmas, if you have a pregnancy you’d like to announce, you could always announce it with a “grandma” stocking on Christmas.

4. The solution to her storage problem.

Canvas and seagrass storage bins and baskets make saving space simple. They’re a great way to reduce clutter while adding vertical stacking space to shelves. You can monogram canvas storage to indicate all kinds of fun stuff – books, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. For storage on the go, our carry-all canvas tote bag is a great choice, too. It’s tested to hold up to 500 pounds. Or, you know – however much Mom can carry.

As part of the gift, consider offering organizing help! Quality time and an extra set of hands would make this gift so much more special!

5. Something she can throw anywhere.

Specifically, throw pillows. They make great gifts because they’re not relegated to just one room in the house. She can toss them on the sofa, the chaise lounge or her bed. Bonus: when you realize you forgot your pillow when packing for Mom’s, you’ll now have something to sleep on. Of course, it doesn’t have to stop indoors. Outdoor throw pillows make great gifts too, so if your mom likes to entertain in the open air, keep that space in mind.

Bonus Tip:

While the gift is important, have you thought about how you’re going to deliver the gift or how to package it? That can be almost as fun or meaningful as the gift itself. For example, if you get her a personalized Christmas stocking, and you live far away, deliver it, in person, on Christmas Eve! Or, if you get her a personalized bath towel, put it in a basket with bath salts, fluffy slippers, and lotion! Just have fun with it! 

Whatever gift you choose, just remember: don’t sweat over it. She’s your mom. She’s going to love it, and you, no matter what you get. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

(At least, we’ll keep telling ourselves that.)


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