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5 fall essentials for men in their 50s

We try not to play favorites, but fall is a truly great season for clothing. For men in their 50s, that means bringing out the classics from men's jeans to men's chinos to the good old-fashioned navy blazer. While we can wax poetically on the timeless charm of those items, this list of essentials is about functionality, too: how can you get through those rainy patches of fall without a good pair of slip-resistant, all-weather shoes? We'll be making the case for those items and more in this list of fall essentials for men in their 50s.


A good pair of jeans is a requirement for any season, but fall in particular is a great time for denim. Whether you plan to wear yours with a t-shirt or the men's flannel shirt for a classic autumnal look, a good pair of jeans is an option you don't want to be without. If you're looking for an extra element of comfort, consider picking up a pair with stretch. Stretch jeans have the same look as their 100% cotton cousins, but that little touch of stretch goes a long way in increasing comfort while sitting, a must for long train rides or plane trips.


Chinos may be unmatched in their pure versatility, as they can be worn with everything from a plain t-shirt to an authentic rugby shirt to a pinpoint shirt with a blazer. They're not so formal that you wouldn't hesitate to wear them on a walk through the woods, but they have enough polish to be worn to Thanksgiving dinner. If you anticipate a bit of travel to get to your Turkey Day, you might want to consider getting a pair of wrinkle-proof pants so that you'll stay crisp upon your arrival (plus you can give the iron a day off).

Navy Blazer

Your work or fall travel schedule may not call for a suit, but we feel confident predicting that a navy blazer will serve you well. A navy blazer can be worn casually with a rugby shirt as an extra layer, or paired with a button-front pinpoint shirt as part of a classic business look. If you think there's a good chance that your business this fall involves travel, a no iron pinpoint shirt will go a long way to keeping your navy blazer ensemble looking crisp upon arrival.


What season doesn't call for a t-shirt? You can wear it to rake leaves with jeans and a cotton sweater, or throw it on for an unhurried post-Thanksgiving morning with sweatpants. It will also prove to be a useful companion for those chilly winter days when venturing outside doesn't look too appetizing. When these lazy winter afternoons arrive, embrace them. Consider wearing your t-shirt with a pair of flannel pajama pants and slippers, and leaving the sofa only to get yourself another mug of hot chocolate or throw an extra log onto the fire.

All-Weather Shoes

Rain, snow, muddy leaves—fall presents no shortage of obstacles when it comes to footwear. That's why it's advisable to invest in a pair of all-weather shoes for the season. If your pair is waterproof, you won't have to think twice before wearing them out on a rainy day or even amid a snowy squall. You'll get even more wear out of your all-weather shoes if they happen to be slip-resistant. Slip-resistant shoes are a must for ice, but they'll also come in handy whenever a pavement is slickened by rainfall. You may find that a pair of all-weather, slip-resistant shoes are just as vital for taking on the season as a warm fall coat or a warm winter jacket.

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