10 Essential Sweaters for Every Plus-Size Wardrobe

10 Essential Sweaters for Every Plus-Size Wardrobe

As much as we all love summertime, the longer it lasts, the longer we start to anticipate fall. There’s just something about the changing leaves, the fresh fall breeze, and everything else the change in seasons brings with it. It also means it’s officially “sweater weather” season. Therefore, it’s time to start assessing your sweater inventory. No matter how much you love an old sweater, it can be refreshing to update your wardrobe with a few essential sweaters that you’ll love even more. We have sweaters in many pleasing styles, designs, and materials that you will love and cherish for many “sweater weather” seasons. Check out these 10 essential sweaters that should be in your plus-size wardrobe.

1: Cotton Crew Neck Sweaters

A plus-size crew neck sweater is a classic sweater style for a variety of reasons. First, it matches everything from jeans, to dress pants, to skirts, to leggings, and more. Plus, it comes in a variety of styles and thicknesses. For example, you can get a fine-gauge crew neck when you want a thin layer, or you can wear a shaker-knit crew neck sweater when you want a little more thickness and texture. It also offers a classic silhouette that flatters every curve and holds its shape for years.

2: V-neck Sweaters

The main difference between V-neck sweaters and crew neck sweaters is, as you’d guess, the neck. V-neck sweaters have a neckline that looks like a V, while crew neck sweaters have a neckline that completely wraps around the neck. V-neck sweaters are great for showing off a delicate necklace, and they look great under a blazer with some jeans or dress pants

3: Versatile Tunic Sweaters

We don't know about you, but one of our favorite things to wear in the winter is a comfortable pair of plus-size leggings and a sweater. Leggings are so comfortable and versatile, and they are your best friend for easy, breezy fashion ideas. Make a stunning outfit in a snap by pairing your leggings with a tunic sweater for plus-size women. This is the ultimate grab-and-go outfit for a quick run to the grocery store. Or, it can be easily dressed up with a pair of heeled boots and some glam earrings.

4: Timeless Wool Sweaters

A nice, soft plus-size wool sweater can spontaneously create a comfy fireside mood. These timeless pieces are made of 100% wool or wool blends. They come in classic designs like Fair Isle print and solid-color cable knits that you can wear for years. These sweaters aren't made to be a passing fad but are meant to be mainstays in your winter wardrobe, no matter what else changes around you. So while you may enjoy some other edgy winter trends, you can also feel secure in the way our wool sweaters are a sure fit for any wintry occasion.

5: Cozy Supima® Cotton Sweaters

Plus-size Supima® cotton sweaters are made of cotton that's so good that only the top 3% of U.S. crop qualifies for the label. Supima® cotton is ultra-soft and color-resilient so you can enjoy the same vibrant colors even after many wears and washes. Whether you choose a short sleeve, three-quarter-length sleeve, or long-sleeved cotton sweater, you'll be sporting America's best cotton. Once you feel the difference, you won't be going back to regular cotton again.

6: Versatile Cardigans

When you want to give that short-sleeved dressy shirt some replay value or wear a dress you miss from the early fall, a dependable set of plus-size cardigans can add versatility to your closet. Owning a few cardigans of different weights, colors, and styles can help you create a dynamic wardrobe without throwing more money than you'd like at clothes designed for just one season. There are few things more satisfying than getting to wear your favorite floral dress one more time in December with some leggings, a cardigan, and cute winter boots!

7: Open-front Cardigans

When you like the length of a cardigan but would rather have it hang loose instead of buttoned-up, try a plus-size open-front sweater. They lack the buttons and shape of a cardigan, but have a way of looking a little more formal, like a blazer. They’re also great for wearing over a shirt that you really like, since it exposes more of the shirt than a cardigan would.

8: Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks are great for sealing in warmth and providing a little extra coverage when the cold air kisses your neck. But they tend to be on the thin side, so aren’t completely ideal for really cold temperatures. When you want the full coverage of a turtleneck, but with more thickness and warmth, a plus-size turtleneck sweater is a must-have. Plus, they come in a variety of styles in lengths. Try wearing a longer one like you would wear a tunic — over some leggings or skinny jeans.

9: Mock Turtleneck Sweaters

If you’re not ready to commit to a turtleneck but like the style, meet halfway with a plus-size mock turtleneck sweater. Some women like the look of mock turtlenecks because it helps elongate the neck. You can enjoy the same styles as with turtleneck sweaters, but without feeling too bundled up. Try one with eyelash yarn that begs to be touched, or with billowy sleeves that make it stand out from the average mock turtleneck.

10: Shawl Sweaters

Plus-size shawl sweaters are available in both cardigan and open-front styles, but the thing that distinguishes them is the collar. They have a shawl-style collar that offers a unique, soft look that you can’t resist reaching for when the temperatures drop. Shawl sweaters are great for really cold temperatures when you’d love to just wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

With such a wide variety of essential sweater styles, it’s easy to have fun refreshing your wardrobe this fall or winter.


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