5 Classic Outfits That Can Be Worn Year After Year

5 Classic Outfits That Can Be Worn Year After Year

Whether you have a strictly minimalist approach to fashion or you just want a few dependable outfits that will never go out of style, every woman should have a handful of classic clothes they can wear year after year. As women, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our wardrobe and enhance our outfits without letting the process become too time-consuming. With the outfits we have highlighted below, you can be confident knowing that you are wearing classic ensembles that can be worn time and time again.

An All Black Ensemble

There is a reason black is such a beloved color in the world of fashion. Black is capable of being so many things: casual, professional, elegant, serious, timeless, slimming, fashionable; no matter the occasion, you can find a way to wear an all black ensemble. If you are going to a cocktail party, nothing beats the classic little black dress with black pumps and a black clutch purse. If you need a casual outfit yet still want to wear something stylish and super flattering, opt for women’s black jeans, a ribbed black tank, and black ballet shoes.

Even when you are going to the gym, you can wear an all-black outfit consisting of black athletic leggings, a black sports bra, black sneakers, and a black workout top. And of course, black makes a powerful yet subtle fashion statement in the professional sphere and is a great color to wear when you want people to know you mean business. Few outfits are sharper and more awe-inspiring than black straight-leg pants, black heels, a black blouse, and a black tailored blazer.

Jeans and a Tee

There are so many endless possibilities when combining women’s jeans with a tee. The outfit can be simple and casual or it can be stylish and daring. A crisp white tee with a pair of dark blue jeans is fabulously timeless and can be accessorized in so many ways. A crisp white tee and a pair of jeans is enough of an outfit on its own, but you can always dress it up with a funky pair of boots, big black sunglasses, jewelry pieces, a watch, or your favorite handbag. If the weather is a bit chilly or you just want to add some dimension to the outfit, add a second layer like a denim jacket or a blazer.

A Soft Cashmere Sweater and Linen Trousers

This is the quintessential outfit for those days when you feel like giving off some serious Grace Kelly vibes and being ultra-comfy all at once. A soft cashmere sweater and linen trousers duo is absolutely timeless and effuses elegance naturally. It’s a great outfit to wear when you are entertaining guests at home and want to feel completely comfortable while doing it. When pairing these two articles of clothing together, stick to a monochromatic style, like a black cashmere sweater for women with black bottoms or a tan cashmere sweater with beige bottoms. Accessorize as you please with items like slip-on mules, fine jewelry, or anything else that will make you feel decadently feminine.

White Sneakers and a Summery Dress

It’s not a bad idea to include a go-to pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe that can be worn with a variety of outfits from jeans and a t-shirt to a summery sundress. If you live in a large metropolitan area where you do a lot of walking, the white sneakers and dress combo is a must; nobody wants to get caught walking a mile in sky high stilettos.

With white sneakers, you can wear a soft, grey cotton dress, a t-shirt dress, or a floral midi for a casual day out when you know you are going to be doing a lot of walking and you want to wear a loose, comfortable, lightweight dress.

A Soft Sweater and a Midi Skirt

To perfect the art of casual elegance, fewer outfits do it quite as well as the soft sweater and midi skirt combo. It’s the kind of outfit you can wear fall, winter, or spring when you are hosting a dinner party, attending a luncheon event, or attending your son or daughter’s piano recital. Like the aforementioned outfit ideas, you can stick to a monochromatic style (think a soft pink cashmere sweater with a soft pink pleated skirt in a slightly different hue) or you can play around with contrasting colors.

To really create an eye-catching outfit, try a black cashmere turtleneck sweater with a white midi skirt and finish off the look with a pair of black heels.

Feeling inspired to find new, timeless outfits to add to your wardrobe? Shop around and find pieces you can pair together to create all the outfits you need.


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