7 Best Plus Size Bathing Suits

5 Best Plus Size Bathing Suits

Everyone has parts of their body that they like to highlight! This is especially true when finding the perfect swimsuit that is stylish and comfortable. Every season there are more and more swimsuit styles and designs to choose from, so where to begin? The best plus size swimwear comes in nearly every style and will make you feel even more confident in your gorgeous body. By taking advantage of a few simple design tips, you can easily find the perfect swimsuit that creates a trendy look.

1. High-Waisted Swimsuits

Plus size high waisted bathing suits are one of our top picks for the best plus size bathing suits out there. Whether you prefer a swim skirt, bikini bottoms, or swim shorts, a higher waistline draws attention to your silhouette for a curvy appearance.

2. Slimming Swimwear

Slimming swimsuits options give you both a stylish and flattering cut that you'll love to show off at the pool or beach. Tummy-control swimsuit technology can effectively highlight your figure and offer a smooth silhouette.

3. Underwire Tops

There are so many stunning swimsuits out there designed with an underwire to give you the comfort and look you deserve. If you have a larger chest, there is now a whole bathing suit style designed that’s perfect for you. Enjoy the freedom and comfort of an underwire swimsuit this summer.

4. Swim Skirts and Shorts

Consider swim skirts and swim shorts to help you feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit without compromising on style or function. Swim skirts and swim shorts are adorable pieces to wear. These pieces are special because they offer a little more modesty and coverage for whoever feels like they would appreciate it the most. They come in many designs, silhouettes, and colors, so explore what’s out there and allow yourself to get creative to find the perfect suit for you.

5. Ruffles

Ruffled swimwear is all the rage, no matter what your size is. We love ruffled swimsuits because they are not only stylish and playful but also flattering and make any swimsuit look that much more interesting. Ruffles are one of our top picks for the best plus size bathing suits as the glamorous layers of fabric offer a glorious silhouette to its wearer. Well-placed, tiered ruffles create a streamlined and lengthy effect.

6. Tankinis

Tankinis are a fun and versatile option when picking out a swimsuit. Mix and match tops and bottoms to achieve different effects and color combos. We love a patterned and colorful tankini top with your favorite pair of black or solid-colored bottoms. You’ll have the freedom of the bikini while also enjoying the modesty and comfort of the one piece. Choose some cute tankini styles like plunging necklines, strapless designs, ruffles, off-shoulder, or some extra flattering shirring. Undisputedly one of the best plus size bathing suits, tankinis are stylish, comfortable, and flattering.

7. One Pieces

The classic one piece is a longtime favorite for women everywhere. One pieces keep making exceptional comebacks into the fashion world in big ways with all the new designs available today. Modest swimsuits are the perfect way to feel the most comfortable in your suit without compromising on style. Depending on your personal taste, opt for solid classic dark colors like black and navy, which give an enhanced slimming effect. If you’re feeling more colorful, try some brightly colored prints. Floral and tropical-inspired prints are hot these days, so take advantage and slip into a tropical one piece that will have you already feeling like you’re sipping mojitos by the pool.

Finding the perfect plus size swimsuit doesn't have to be challenging. Draw on our top five picks for best plus size swimwear and you’ll be feeling confident and beautiful all summer long.


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