5 Best Outfits for a Late Summer Date Night

6 Best Outfits for a Late Summer Date Night

This shift in the seasons marks the beginning of warm days and cooler nights, making it a magical time to go out on a date. If you're stepping out with a special someone in the late summer, dressing for the fickle weather shifts can be tricky. No worries! Here are the 5 best outfits for a late summer date night.

Know Your Area's Weather

Perhaps you've lived in the area for decades and know the seasons like the back of your hand. Or maybe you have just moved to a new place and need to learn the nuances of your local weather. No matter how long you've been in a certain place, it's important to plan according to the typical weather patterns that happen in the late summer. This will help you create outfits that match the general weather trends.

For instance, if late August tends to have more rainy weather in your neck of the woods, you should invest in a couple of pairs of fall boots that can keep you out of the mud without causing your feet to feel overheated. If you live in a hot climate, you should prepare for an extended summer without the need for extra layers. Keep a steady check on the daily weather through a weather app on your smartphone or computer. When you know what the weather is typically like, you can then create transitional outfits that will take you into the fall.

Sundress and Cardigan

Since it's still summer, fashion calls for bright and beautiful colors that celebrate the season. So, if you have summer dresses that you want to wear on cool nights, all you need is to do is bring a women’s cardigan sweater with you. Choose one that’s made of thin, breezy cotton that will keep any hint of cold at bay. Having an extra layer that you could take on and off at ease makes it easy to wear summer clothes confidently. Pro tip: Leave a cardigan at work and in your car so that you can have access to an extra layer anytime. During this time of year, changes happen frequently!

Jeans and T-shirt

Late summer nights can be pleasantly cool yet still warm enough to go without a jacket for most of the day. When you wear jeans and a t-shirt, you can be ready for any casual date that is on your calendar. If you're worried about being too cold as the evening goes on, a cardigan or one of your favorite jean jackets can provide that extra warmth you need. Layered outfits ensure that you have full control of how warm or cold you feel, which boosts your confidence and comfort throughout the date.

Leggings and a Tunic

When the weather becomes milder, it's leggings season. These bottoms are just enough to keep your legs comfortable without feeling too cold. You don't need fleece-lined leggings yet either, but cotton will be just enough. Match these with one of your cotton tunic tops and a pair of heels, and you will be ready for a wonderful date night. To add more color and pattern definition, throw on a fashion scarf.

Skirt and Blouse

If your date is somewhere indoors and a bit fancy, then a pretty skirt and blouse would make a wonderful late summer date night outfit. To make it more formal, you can also bring a spare women's blazer to throw over your shoulders if it gets cold. Get blouses in classic colors like white and black so they can match up with a variety of skirts patterns. This broadens your styling potential and makes it easier to match separates. It's also fun to grab a blouse with a funky pattern if you instead choose to wear a skirt in a solid color, be it bold or neutral. Don't forget to elevate your shoe game with something chic like Mary Janes or high heels.

5 Capri Pants

At the end of summer, you can still wear capri pants for a few more weeks. This is a great time to wear all your summer favorites once more. When you wear a pair of capri pants with a stylish top of your choice, you can be covered just enough for the late-night temperatures but still in season style-wise.

If you feel cold, adding a cardigan or light jacket will help you stay warm in case the weather takes a turn. You can choose a more casual look with jean capris, or you can go more formal with a smooth polyester blend that you can even wear to the office. Chinos are also a good middle-of-the-road capri material that can balance the world of formal and informal.

When you choose one of these best outfits for a late summer date night, you can look stylish and be comfortable no matter what the evening’s weather forecast will be.


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