4 Steps to Securing the Perfect Fitting Jeans

4 Steps to Securing the Perfect Fitting Jeans

To some women, searching for the perfect pair of women’s jeans is like finding the fountain of youth – you’ve heard the myth that they exist but, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find them. At Lands’ End we know that finding a pair of jeans that fits you well can seem impossible. After all, it’s not enough that they just sit right on your waistline. No, you need them to conform to your body, hugging you in all of the right places, while also offering just enough stretch to keep you comfortable as you go about your day to day. And, on top of everything else, you want them to look good all day long – not just for the first 30 minutes you have them on.

You may think all of that is too much to ask in a pair of Women’s jeans. Lucky for you we don’t think so. That’s why we’re making it our business to help you find your holy grail of perfect fitting jeans. Follow our 4 steps to securing that perfect fit and you’ll go from skeptic to believer faster than you can say ‘how do I look?’

1. The proof’s in the rise:

No, we’re not talking about bread (though eating too much of the good stuff before trying on jeans probably isn’t the best idea). Jeans are designed with three different body rises in mind: low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. Discovering which rise works best for your body is an important factor in achieving that perfect fit.

The term ‘rise’ refers to how high up the jeans will sit on your waist. Low-rise jeans typically sit two or three inches lower than the naval whereas a mid-rise jean should rest just below it. You can expect the classic high-rise waist to hit you just at or slightly above your naval – virtually eliminating the risk of unwanted back-gap that is sometimes seen in lower-rise waistlines.

Finding the most flattering rise for your body has a lot to do with personal preference as well as body shape. High-rise jeans are a great choice for curvier women or those looking for a slimming silhouette. Women with a more athletic body type may prefer a low-rise jean that could help add the illusion of curves where they are otherwise lacking. A mid-rise jean however, offers a flattering fit for virtually all body types and is the most common rise amongst all cuts. If you’re worried about the waist slipping a little too low when you sit, look for a pair with a contoured waist. And remember, a good mid-rise jean offers some structure along the mid-section, fighting against the dreaded ‘muffin top’ effect some high-rise jeans can elicit.

2. Measurements matter:

Not all jeans are created equal, which is why taking your exact measurements can help you on your journey to finding the perfect pair. Break out the trusty tape measure and size yourself up. Since some brands size their jeans by number and others in inches, having an exact measurement of your waistline will save you the trouble of guessing when trying something on just isn’t an option. Keep your preferred rise of jeans in mind when you’re measuring your waistline and adjust the tape measure as necessary. For example, you’ll want to measure two inches below your naval for low-rise jeans or at your natural waistline (your belly button) for mid or high-rise jeans.

Having your proper waistline measurements is a good start, but you’ll also need to know how long your inseam – or leg length – is as well. Measure the inside of your leg from crotch to ankle to determine your exact length. With any luck, having the right inseam measurements will help determine if you fall into the petite (or ankle length), regular or tall category. It may seem small, but trust us, it could save you a fortune in alterations.

3. The jeans’ cut counts:

It’s never a bad idea to keep your body proportions in mind when you’re shopping for jeans. Being aware of how you’re built can go a long way when it comes to finding your perfect ‘cut’ of jeans. For example, women with an “hourglass” body shape look great in a pair of boot cut jeans that flare slightly at the ankle because the wider bottom balances out wider hips. The opposite is true of slim-hipped women, however, who may find more luck with a pair of women’s skinny jeans with a tapered leg that offers the illusion of a curvier silhouette. Pro tip: if you find the waist of skinny jeans a little too tight try a pull-on skinny with a wide elastic waistband.

Of course height plays a factor in the type of cut you should look for. When it comes to finding jeans for tall women we’d suggest looking for a pair with a longer inseam: Hint: Lands’ End jeans are available in size Tall. You also don’t want anything too tight. A pair of mid-rise straight leg jeans is perfect for showing off those luscious legs without being restrictive. Finding petite jeans for women isn’t much different, except for the fact that they’re looking to elongate the appearance of their legs. A straight leg jean is great for visually carrying that long, vertical line from hips to ankle. Speaking of, petite women should avoid pants cropped above the ankle, unless they’re trying to look shorter (we doubt it).

4. Size matters (when it comes to comfort):

We’ve all owned that one pair of jeans you only wear to special events – as long as you never eat, drink or breathe while you’re wearing them. Fortunately, you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything when you buy a pair of Lands’ End jeans if, that is, you consult the size guide before you buy.

Comparing your proper measurements to our size chart can be an eye opening experience. You might discover you’re really a petite and thought you were a regular all these years. Maybe you’ve been buying jeans a size larger to fit your hips when really one of our curvy jeans for women with a little extra “hold and mold” is the true answer to your full figured prayers. And, if you’ve been looking for plus size jeans that fit all day without that unflattering saggy bottom, our sizing chart and Made for You promise could be all you need to decide between a pair of Plus Size Pull On Skinny Jeans that molds to your curves and a pair of Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans with stretch and beautiful bounce back. Though, if you want our opinion, you should probably get both.

We know buying clothes online can be a little nerve wracking. That’s why at landsend.com we do our best to make it easy and straightforward, giving you all of the information you need to ensure the best fit for your body. And, as far as we’re concerned, a good fitting jean fits every part of your body from waist to ankle. Lands’ End fits jeans from waist, hips, thighs, knees and bottom opening, managing proportions across all sizes. Don’t believe us? Check out the pockets on our petite jeans for women. We make them just a bit smaller to accommodate for the shorter rise. How’s that for dedication to securing the perfect fit?

Don’t waste another minute on jeans that aren’t perfect. Find your best fit at landsend.com today.


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