3 Ways to Ensure You’re Comfortable in a Summer Dress All Day Long

3 Ways to Ensure You’re Comfortable in a Summer Dress All Day Long

The lazy days of summer can get quite hot depending on where you live, so it’s important to pick a wardrobe that keeps you cool during the season. Summer dresses have been a seasonal favorite for many people because of the way they keep people cool. There’s just something about the light fabrics, flowy skirts, and short sleeves of a summer dress that keeps the air flowing. However, even in a dress like this, you can still feel uncomfortable if you pick the wrong material.

You may also prefer extra coverage while balancing your need to stay cool. So how can you ensure you’re comfortable in a summer dress all day long? These are some pro tips on staying cozy in a dress even when the temperatures rise.

1. Pick the Right Style and Fabric

If you find you’re continually overheating in a summer dress, chances are you are wearing the wrong style or fabric. If you are wearing a dress that is too tight, the clothing materials can trap heat and prohibit a cooling airflow. For instance, a bodycon dress or a pencil skirt can be cute for an indoor corporate event but can feel stifling when you need to be outside in the heat for hours. Likewise, dresses with half or long sleeves can feel a touch too stuffy for a hot summer day, while sleeveless or tank-top bodices are preferable.

Also, if the dress is made of a material that traps heat, it can feel a lot more stuffy than a dress made out of linen or lightweight cotton. For instance, you will feel more comfortable in linen or cotton dresses versus one made out of vintage nylon. Materials that don’t allow air to flow will trap sweat and heat to make you feel hotter.

When you know you need to be outside all day, it’s important to understand what type of ventilation your body needs and how to make sure the dress you wear allows the appropriate airflow for all-day cooling.

2. Pick Comfortable Dresses

When it comes to comfort, don’t just focus on the ventilation and fabric style, you should also pick a comfortable cut for you. For instance, a jersey dress with a T-shirt bodice and flowy hemline is easy to wear all day. To top it off, it’s also made out of incredibly soft cotton that feels good on the skin. Everything should fit together like a puzzle. You should feel comfortable with the amount of skin you’re showing and how the materials fit around your body. When you forget you’re wearing “going out” clothes, then you know that you have found the perfect comfortable dress for all-day wear.

Loose maxi dresses for women are another example of a comfortable piece you can wear all day. When you pick a flowy maxi dress made out of natural materials like linen and cotton, you will forget you’re even wearing a long skirt. Maxi dresses like this allow the wind to flow and keep your legs cool on those hot summer days. This type of dress appeals to people who want extra modesty while staying cool at the same time. Maxi dresses are also incredibly stylish and can be suitable for various occasions from casual to dressy.

If you prefer a dress with a shorter length, try a midi dress that falls around the knees. This allows you to show off some fashionable sandals and makes it easier for air to flow and keep you cool all day as well.

3. Wear Shorts Underneath Short Dresses

If you prefer to wear short dresses, then wearing shorts underneath can help you feel more comfortable all day. Shorts absorb sweat and provide extra coverage if there are high winds, which is convenient when you need to be outside for a long time. Shorts also provide extra protection for the backs of your legs, which can get scorched by metal benches and chairs. For the best of both worlds, skorts are both shorts and a skirt in one. Simply put on a fun blouse or T-shirt to make a complete outfit that is wind-proof! When you take the time to make sure you feel completely comfortable in your dress in terms of style, material, and level of modesty, you can be out all day without any worries this summer.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be comfortable in a summer dress or skirt all day and feel good about the way you look!


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