10 Ways to Add Animal Prints to Your Winter Wardrobe

10 Ways To Add Animal Prints to Your Winter Wardrobe

This winter, the style trend is all about animal prints — in addition to chevron, plaid, and basically every other print you can possibly imagine. But the number one trend? Leopard print. Find it styled as a coat, dress, or stiletto, but find it you will.

The trick to wearing animal prints is not to let the prints look cheap. Whether you’re adding accessories, going for muted hints of a print, or are fully committed to pairing prints with more prints in bold and interesting ways, you want to look like a million bucks. Typically, prints pair well with solid colors, making the animal print the star of the show, but if you aren't sure how deep your love of prints runs, we have tips for you too. Either way, what we can be certain about is women who wear animal prints are confident, independent-thinking humans who don't mind having a bit of fun. Here’s how to get the look you want:


If you’re unsure about adding animal prints into your wardrobe, start small. Finding on-trend shoes and accessories is a great place to start.

Here’s a tip. When it comes to animal prints, match your accessories with the rest of your outfit’s color palette. Take the leopard print as an example. You can use the light-beige background color in a bootie or scarf to compliment a beautifully bulky tan, beige, or khaki sweater dress. While the accessories and sweater dress don’t have to be the exact same color, staying in the neutral color family will give your look a complete, stylized appearance.

Make the Animal Print the Star of Your Outfit

Convinced now? Then hop on-trend. Animal prints catch the eye, so they're great fabrics to use when you want to call attention to some of your body's best assets while camouflaging others. Less is best! If you're going big with a print top, cardigan, or jacket, then keep your accessories classic and simple. When in doubt, pair your prints with solid colors like black, khaki, white, or brown, and use clean lines that won't let already busy patterns look unkempt.

Here are even more ways to add animal prints to your winter wardrobe:

Animal print outfits and accessories are here to stay. If you aren’t sure about the trend, we get it. Just start small. With all the options available to you today, we know you’ll find something to love.


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