10 Holiday Gifts for Kids

10 Holiday Gifts for Kids

Holiday gift giving for kids can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. Much is determined by their age, gender, and unique interests. A sporty 11-year-old girl will be looking for very different gifts than a crafty 5-year-old boy. Where to begin? Whether you are looking for gifts this holiday season for your own children or for the children of family members and friends, we have selected a list of great holiday gift ideas for children that will work across most age groups, interests, and genders.

1. Personalized Backpacks

Whether your kid goes to preschool or high school, a personalized backpack is always a fun and special gift to give to a child. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, functions, styles, and patterns when deciding what backpack to gift. Older kids tend to like cooler and more subtle backpack styles with neutral tones and colors, whereas younger kids like exciting and interesting colors and images adorning their personalized backpacks. Have their names or initials monogrammed onto the backpack so this great gift can feel even more special.

2. Personalized Sleeping Bag

Make sleepovers, summer camp, and camping with the family even more exciting with personalized sleeping bags for the kids. Both fun and practical, having the initials or names of the kids monogrammed onto the sleeping bag is a great way to ensure that sleeping bags don’t get lost or fought over. There is a wide variety of designs and styles of sleeping bags you can make even more personalized for each kid.

3. Flannel Pajamas

Seeking something that’s cute, comfy, fun, and practical all at once? Look no further. Flannel pajamas are a wonderful gift to give to kids of all ages. Soft, warm, and often coming in fun patterns and colors, flannel pajamas themselves are fun for kids. Get into the holiday vibes by gifting flannel pajamas with Christmas patterns or colors so kids are excited to receive and wear them throughout the holidays. If these pajamas are for your own children, you can even get flannel matching family pajamas for everyone to enjoy.

4. Books

Books are one of the best gifts to give to children of all ages. Especially if you are giving a gift to a child that is not your own and you’re feeling a bit stumped on what to give, a book is a great choice. Books are not only timeless and fun, they are also great for kids to expand their minds and curiosity. From picture books intended to be read to kids or easy chapter books that kids can read themselves, you can really never go wrong gifting books to kids of any age.

5. Holiday Sweaters

This classic gift from grandma doesn’t have to be as tacky as it once was. Gifting holiday sweaters to kids is a fun way to keep them warm and get them even more excited about the holiday festivities. Both girls’ and boys’ Christmas sweaters come in many styles and designs, making them a great gift for kids that can also easily be made more personal.

6. Puzzles and Games

Get those brain juices flowing by giving the kids great puzzles and games to enjoy. Puzzles and games are also timeless gifts and can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. Try to minimize your kids’ screen time by giving them some old-school games they can play together and perhaps even involve the whole family. We can already hear them yelling “Go Fish!”

7. Sports & Outdoor Equipment

If your kids are sporty or love the great outdoors, nothing is better than sports and outdoor equipment as a holiday gift. Whether it’s a new pair of kids’ sneakers or a tent for backyard camping, there is a world of possibilities for giving kids the gift of sports and the great outdoors. Even kids who are not necessarily sporty can still appreciate gifts like swing sets, sleds, and inflatable pools for all kinds of outdoor fun. Encourage your kids to spend time in nature by gifting them camping equipment, or get your kids interested in sports you also enjoy by giving them your favorite sports equipment like basketballs or tennis rackets.

8. Winter Coats

Embrace the season by gifting the kids a new winter coat. Kids’ winter coats make a great gift, especially for the kids or grandkids. This will get them excited for those ski lessons, playing outside in the snow, and going back to school. Gifts for kids are always best when they’re fun but also functional, and a great new winter coat is one of those great gifts.

9. Tie-Dye Kit

Have some creative kids who love to get crafty, or kids who are not so crafty but could be enticed with a cool kit? A tie-dye kit is a fun gift for the whole family to enjoy. Your kids will also absolutely love wearing their own creations for years to come, making a tie-dye kit truly a gift that keeps on giving. All you need to get started are some plain white T-shirts and a workspace for some hands-on family fun!

10. Dollhouses and Things That Go Vroom

If all else fails, you can always get classic and timeless with your gift giving for kids. Dollhouses and toy cars are great gifts to give kids that are fun to play with and will offer entertainment for years to come.

Gift giving to the kids for the holidays should keep in mind both fun and function. Use our list as a guide and you’re certain to give the kids something they’ll enjoy.

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