Yellow Quilts

Buy yellow quilts sets for your bedrooms at Lands' End

Buy yellow quilts sets for your bedrooms at Lands' End

Wouldn’t you love to dress one of the beds in your home in a beautiful bedding ensemble featuring a yellow quilt? A yellow quilt set sets a fresh, cheerful tone in any bedroom, and may be a perfect choice. Lands’ End has yellow quilts and yellow pillow shams for you to consider, including a yellow coverlet quilted in diamond patterns and lovely matching yellow shams.

Complete your Lands’ End bedding ensemble of bed sheets and personalized blankets with a yellow quilt set. Yellow is a homey, welcoming color and can play off both traditional and contemporary décor. A soft yellow quilt folded at the foot of a bed silently calls for you to come take a nap with the window open to the breeze.

Lay away a light yellow quilt or a mustard yellow quilt set in your linen cabinet if you are the kind of home-keeper who likes to change bedding ensembles seasonally. A daffodil-hued yellow quilt set can usher in spring just as surely as a mustard yellow quilt and matching mustard yellow pillow shams can set the tone for autumn. It’s no different than changing out the living room scatter cushions or tchotchkes on the mantel, and will re-energize you for each season!

As you plump your soft pillows from Lands’ End and consider how you might change up your room for the changing season, consider a yellow quilt or yellow quilt set that includes yellow pillow shams. As always, you can shop with confidence at Lands’ End. We have the sterling reputation for quality goods and peerless customer service to prove that we’re not satisfied until you are satisfied.