Bed Pillows

Bedding Pillows, Cooling Pillows, & Memory Foam Pillows

Bedding Pillows, Cooling Pillows, & Memory Foam Pillows

The type of pillow you rest your head on each night can greatly affect your quality of sleep. If you often wake up with body aches and pains in the morning, your bed pillow may lack proper support for your neck. Ensure the best rest for your entire household with top-quality bed pillows from our luxury bedding collection here at Land's End.

Memory foam is an amazing hypo-allergenic material. Our firm memory foam pillow adjusts precisely to your upper body for complete and personalized support. Our foam pillows are available in standard and king size. For extra comfort and support for your whole body, add a memory foam mattress pad to your bed set.

Our bedding pillow selection includes a variety of allergy-friendly options in addition to foam. PureLoft pillows are filled with synthetic microfiber that is full and fluffy like goose down. Because of their soft density, these pillows are the best choice for stomach and side sleepers. Climarest is a down-alternative with medium to firm support. Its special high-tech material absorbs heat when you're hot and releases it when you're cold so you can feel comfortable throughout the night.

If you're often battling overheating at night, try a CoolMAX pillow. It's designed to pull moisture away from you, resulting in quicker evaporation and cooling. If you like a crisp cooling pillow, then CoolMAX is the best pillow for you.

Traditional down pillows are classics that will never go out of style. Our down is super cleaned for greater purity and can last for years when taken care of properly. Cover your new pillows and bed with a fresh pillowcase and sheet set. Every size is available, from twin to California King.

Did you know that your pillows should be replaced often, especially if you have allergies? Shop at Lands' End and update your sleep pillow today. Trust us, you'll be grateful after a more comfortable and better night's sleep.