Plus Size Turtlenecks

Women's Plus Size Turtlenecks

Women's Plus Size Turtlenecks

What’s cozier and more comfortable than a top that’s made just for you? In this selection of plus-size turtlenecks, you’ll find the ultimate option to keep you toasty when temperatures drop and you need more than one of our plus size shirts to wear. These effortless tops are versatile enough to wear with the styles that are already in your closet—and available in so many different colors and patterns that you might have a hard time limiting yourself to just one or two!

That’s down to more than just their good looks, though. These plus-size turtleneck tops are made with sumptuously soft fabrics that feel wonderful to the touch. Light shaping lends them a flattering look that gently negotiates your curves without ever restricting your movement. That’s key when you’re in the middle of a busy day and need to focus on the kids, deadlines, or anything that might be on your itinerary. Why sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion? Plus-size styling is a breeze in these turtleneck tops, so you get the best of both worlds!

We design these genius tops with stability and longevity in mind. Some are made with materials like luxurious Supima® cotton, which feels fine and silky. Others include cotton and modal for optimal stretch and all-day comfort. No matter what you choose, count on your turtleneck to feel light instead of weighing you down. So you can easily layer it beneath a plus size cardigan or layer with a plus size down vests on an especially cold day or wear it with a pair of easy plus size corduroy leggings and sneakers on a day that’s merely breezy.

Women’s Plus-Size Turtlenecks

What makes a plus-size turtleneck top such a practical addition to your wardrobe? Think timeless style, great quality, and fashionable looks that you’ll love to wear every time the weather calls for it. Solid colors like black, gray, navy, and white serve as reliable everyday pieces you can wear with anything from plus size khaki pants to pencil skirts, while bold patterns ranging from checks to stripes to flowers add color and character to your wardrobe. You’ll even find holiday-themed turtlenecks to introduce some festive cheer to your wardrobe at the end of the year. What better choice to wear to the office holiday party or when entertaining friends and family on a cozy evening at home? We also have petite turtleneck sweaters for those who have a small stature.

No matter what you choose to wear or when you wear them, count on one thing: Your plus-size turtleneck is destined to be a favorite during fall, winter, and cool spring days. Whether you’re layering it beneath a heavier piece or wearing it on its own, you’ll love the way it adds constant comfort and enduring style to any look. Be sure to check out the rest of our women's plus size clothing including plus size workout clothes, plus size skirts, and much more.