Tops & Tees for Women

Shirts & Tops for Women

Shirts & Tops for Women

Create comfortable and stylish outfits for any occasion with these tees and tops for women from Lands' End. Our selection of women's shirts includes options for all seasons, including cute summer shirts in lightweight fabrics as well as warm women's winter tops and sweatshirts. No matter what style you're looking for, you'll find a great fit when you shop on our site.

For laid-back days when you're running errands or dropping the kids off at school, you can't go wrong with a classic women's T-shirt. We offer dozens of options in a variety of cuts and styles, including casual tops with V-necks or long sleeves. For an extra-cozy feel, choose from our turtlenecks, cardigans, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, and long shirts for women. All of these options work well for layering when the weather cools off, making them the perfect choice for fall and winter ensembles.

You can also find women's dressy tops when you shop at Lands' End. Our women's tunics are the perfect flowy shirts for adding a little extra feminine flair to your look. We offer plain button-down styles, colorful women's floral tops, and other trendy women's tops you'd want to wear for meetings, date nights, and other important events. Many of the women's fashion tops in our collection can also be included as part of your work wardrobe. Simply wear them with a nice pair of slacks or a fitted blazer to create a polished and professional ensemble.

Despite having a huge selection with hundreds of cute tops for women, we make it easy to find exactly what you need. Search by color, sleeve length, neckline, and other design features to find flattering shirts. You can also look for specific fabrics, such as linen, fleece, and cotton shirts. Women of all ages and sizes can find great styles on our site, including those who are looking for petite, tall, or plus-size shirts.

Shop for casual and dressy shirts at Lands' End today to discover great deals on high-quality ladies' apparel.

Women's Body Types and Finding The Perfect Fit

Understanding your body type will help you find the perfect fit. Below we will briefly review each body type so you can figure out what type of clothing will work best for you! 

  • Hourglass Body Shape - This body shape resembles an hourglass. The Hips and bust measure the same with a narrow waist. If you have an hourglass figure you will want to choose clothing that accentuates the waist. 
  • Apple Body Shape - Typically, an apple body shape will have a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. This body shape can appear top-heavy as there is little definition to the waist. To balance the body out, you will want to choose clothing that will add curves and fullness to the low part of the body. This will help create a more defined waist. 
  • Pear Body Shape - A pear shape is defined by large hips. The hips tend to be wider than the shoulders and bust, which gives the appearance of a pear. Go with clothing that will not draw more attention to the hip area. You want to accent your defined waist and upper body more. 
  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape - This body type is defined by wide shoulders and a larger bust, which narrows as your eyes fall to the waist area. You will want to choose a style that will balance out your silhouette. You will want to add some curves to your hips and bottom, which will help create a more defined waist area. 
  • Rectangle Body Shape - This body type contains a bust, hips, and waist that all measure the same. You will want to place focus on the waist and make it more defined. This will help break up the rectangle appearance. 

Different Types of Women’s Tops, Blouses, and Tees

Understanding your wardrobe can help you select the right outfit for the day. While most of these shirt options are pretty self-explanatory, why leave anything to chance? We want you to have the best chance at success when building your wardrobe. So, let's take a look at your options when it comes to shirts, tees, and blouses. 

  • Women’s Flannel Shirts - Typically, these shirts are long-sleeved and made of flannel. This type of shirt is great for layering and can be used as outerwear when hiking or going out for the day. 
  • Women’s Camisole - Also known as a cami. Camisoles tend to be a great choice when wanting to layer your outfit. These tops are thin and can add a pop of color to any of your clothing. 
  • Tank Tops For Women - Tank tops do not have to be just for spring and summer. This shirt is perfect for layering and can be utilized in your wardrobe all year long. 
  • Active Tops - These tops tend to have moisture control. They are made to help prevent sweating and odor. 
  • Women’s Sweatshirts And Hoodies - Sweatshirts and hoodies are the perfect comfort clothing. They can be utilized all year long. 
  • Women’s T-Shirts - Who doesn’t love a comfy tee? T-Shirts tend to be a go-to item for most women and men. Be sure to fill your wardrobe with fun tees. 
  • Women’s Blouses- Blouses are typically dressy and may be made from silk or other delicate materials. However, you can wear blouses to a casual event and fit in fine. 
  • Tunic Length Tees - Tunic tees are the perfect solution for those who love wearing leggings. These tees are long and are another comfort item you will want to add to your closet. 
  • Polo Shirts For Women - Polo shirts can be dressy or casual. Businessmen and women tend to fall on Polos for days they want to be more casual but still maintain a business look. 
  • Women’s Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks are a timeless piece that have never gone out of fashion. These tops are typically utilized in colder weather. 

Women's Shirt Neck Styles: What Neck Style Is Your Favorite?

The neck style on a shirt may be something that you have overlooked in the past. However, it is an important part of your outfit's aesthetics. A variation in the neck style can change your whole look. 

  • V neck Shirts - This type of shirt will have a neckline that goes into a “V”. Allowing more of the chest to be exposed. V neck shirts have grown in popularity over the years.
  • Sweetheart Neckline - Out of the different types of necklines that are available, Sweetheart necklines tend to be very popular. This neckline is designed to make a heart that wraps around the bust. This type of neckline is perfect for those who have a larger bust. However, it can also help improve the appearance of smaller busts. 
  • Straight Neckline - This neckline will go straight across from one shoulder to the other. 
  • Button-Down Shirts For Women - With button-down shirts, you can button the top button or leave it open. Both give two different looks. 
  • High Neck Shirts For Women - These types of shirts are most often sleeveless. This allows the neckline to be very accented and it takes on a style that many women love. Many body suits will have a high neck. It differs from a turtleneck in the fact that the shirt does not have sleeves. 

Women’s Tops and Sleeve Options

Sleeve options should never be overlooked. Many times, the sleeves of a shirt can be a huge feature that brings your look together. Below we will review some of your options when it comes to sleeves. 

Women’s Tops and Tees: Finding the Perfect Fit

It is all about the fit! After all, if we do not feel comfortable in the clothing that we are wearing, chances are we may never wear that article of clothing again. Be sure you understand each fit type, so you can choose clothing that caters to your specific requirements. No one likes buying a shirt to find out that the fit is not what you like. 

  • Slim Fit Tops - Slim-fitting tees will hug your figure. These types of shirts are designed to accent your curves. If you do not like a tight fit you may want to choose a relaxed fitting top. 
  • Straight Fit Tops - These types of shirts will not hug your body, but they are designed to hang straight down. So, if you are looking for something with a little more shape, you may want to go with a slim-fitting top. 
  • Relax Fit Tops - Relax fit tops are designed for comfort. They will have lots of room and allow you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice. 

Women's Tops and T-shirts: Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What Type Of Top Should I Wear To a Job Interview? It all depends on what type of job you are going for. Most people will want to look nice for an interview even if it is at a fast food joint. Be sure to choose an outfit that is clean and makes you feel confident. Do not show up to your interview in a top that is stained and wrinkled. A nice Polo Shirt or Blouse will be appropriate. If you are going for a business office job, be sure to look smart. 
  2. Is XL and 1X the same? You have to keep in mind that sizing may vary from one brand to the next. Each brand should have its own fit guidelines. Overall, XL and 1X are very similar. XL is designed to fit a size 16/18 while 1X can cover a size 14/16. 
  3. How can I layer an outfit using a tank top or a cami? Tank tops and camis are the perfect layering pieces because they do not have sleeves. So, you can add a pop of color and use a sweater or cardigan to wear over the top of it. This also allows you to take off a layer if you get too hot during the day. 
  4. What Sort of Tops Should Be a Staple In My Closet? You need to have a few nice blouses that you can wear to business meetings or special occasions. Other than that, you should go for tops that make you feel confident and you feel good wearing. 
  5. What Is The Smallest Top Size Lands End Offers? Lands End offers extra small adult women's clothing. 
  6. What Is The Largest Top Size Lands End Offers? Lands End offers up to 3x in most clothing options. You may find some products that offer up to a size 5x.