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Blouson Tankini Swimsuits

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Lands' End is famous for our seemingly endless selection of women's swimwear. Listen to ladies talk about bathing suits for any length of time, and our name will come up. Our collection of top-quality bathing suits includes every possible iteration of a woman's swimsuit, from the tiniest bikini to the most modest skirted swim leggings and long-sleeve rash guard, but right now we are particularly excited about our line of blouson tankini tops! A blouson tankini swim top is a problem-solving piece in an active woman's swimwear wardrobe, with great versatility as well as a flattering silhouette.

What is a Blouson Tankini Top?

Blouson tankinis for women are defined by their flowing midsections, accented by a band around the bottom to create a distinctive drape. Blouson tankini tops might feature a flowing peasant-style neckline or an underbust seam to accentuate the bosom; as long as the fabric around the waistline and high-hip boasts distinct volume and is finished with a ban around the hips, the piece is blouson style. A blouson tankini swimsuit top is useful not just as a style choice but also as a practical one. Some women are displeased by the way some two piece swimsuit tops billow or lift in the water, or perhaps are short enough to display a sliver of skin above the top of bikini bottoms. A well-fitting blouson swim top should stay in place in the water, protecting your privacy as well as providing sun protection.

A women's blouson tankini top offers good bosom support with a built-in soft cup bra. Many women still have questions about swimwear and bras. What is the right amount of support for their figure? Should they just be extra careful and wear an everyday bra under their bathing suit? Happily, swimwear has come a long way in providing adequate support for even the most ample bosoms, and Lands' End can help you understand and decide upon the right support for your frame and figure. The lightest underpinning Lands' End offers in women's swimwear is a shelf bra, which functions mostly as a privacy lining, while an underwire bra structure with a built-in soft cup bra provides the maximum support possible. Our line of ladies' swimwear offers those, and everything in between. One thing is certain: If you feel as though you need a lingerie bra with your current bathing suit, it's time to shop for a new swimsuit. For those who need support but also prioritize comfort, we can't speak highly enough of our blouson tankini tops. The blouson tankini with a built-in soft cup bra is terrific for light shaping and moderate support, helping you look and feel your best; it has earned glowing reviews from our shoppers specifically for its balance of comfort and support. And, just a tip from me to you, if you want to wear a rash guard for UV sun protection, keep your expensive lingerie bras out of chlorinated or salt water! Select a bikini top with the proper coverage and support to wear like a bra. It will dry quickly and is designed to stand up to the water.

Tankinis in general are beloved for their two piece swimsuit mix-and-match versatility, and a blouson style brings a fresh option in silhouettes to your wardrobe. For instance, if you have terrific gams while you feel your midsection is not your best feature, brief bikini bottoms will call attention to your legs and your blouson tankini top will frame your face and camouflage your middle. Perhaps you want to take it along on a vacation in case you overindulge and just don't want to wear anything tight on the last day! It doesn't matter why you want to avoid a close-fitting midsection in your swimwear (it could be any reason from a recent pregnancy to a sensory issue to an insulin pump) what matters is that you can have that without sacrificing style. You deserve to feel fabulous in your bathing suit, and if blouson tankini tops for women make that happen for you, seize it so you can concentrate on having fun and being active!

Something we at Lands' End have noticed within the reviews of our pretty blouson tankini swimsuit tops is how much versatility they add specifically to vacation wardrobes. Many of our shoppers—including plus size shoppers—are thrilled with the style and support of our blouson swim tankini plus size swimwear to the point that they are wearing the blouson tops as streetwear. A women's plus size blouson tankini top has allowed several women to get double the usage from their bathing suit, wearing the top with cute swim shorts or capris. In a hot climate, like southern Italy in summertime or the Florida Keys in late spring, our shoppers have appreciated being able to go out without a hot, confining bra and still feel that their privacy is protected and their bustline supported in one of our blouson tankini swimwear pieces. This is especially useful information if you don't care for a more traditional swimsuit cover ups; you can pull on swim shorts or swim capris over your tankini bottoms and look perfectly covered and appropriate on the boardwalk or at the pool bar, no caftan necessary.

At Lands' End, we are committed to the belief that attractive swimwear is for everybody, and every body, and we have backed up this belief by offering a full range of sizes from Petite to Plus Size to Long Torso Swimsuits. However, if you don't feel great in your swimwear, you won't get outside to have fun and be active. This is why we are determined to make our collection of women's bathing suits the best available. We know we have a one-piece swimsuit, bikini or tankini that will delight you and make you truly excited to get ready for waterside fun! Now we are featuring the blouson tankini top, an of-the-moment silhouette that answers a specific swimwear dilemma with practicality and style. Blouson tankini swimwear is ideal for a new mom getting to know her figure again, any woman who prefers the modesty of a drapey swim top, or someone who needs maximum flexibility from her swimwear wardrobe. There are as many reasons to select a blouson tankini from Lands' End as there are blouson swim tops to choose from!

Something else that makes swimwear from Lands' End, including our women's plus size blouson tankini, so special is Lands' End itself. We are committed to your satisfaction, and we know that our sterling reputation for quality goods, great value and exemplary customer service proceed us. You wouldn't be here if you didn't know that Lands' End still means something. We don't make empty promises, and we don't stock garments we don't wear ourselves. Shop women's swimwear to see the latest and best in blouson tankini tops—we think we have something just right for you.