Women's Purple Cardigans

Women’s Lavender Cardigan

Women’s Lavender Cardigan

Women’s Purple Cardigans

When it comes to a luxurious look, purple reigns. Historically, purple has been the color of royalty and wealth. That’s because the dyes used to create it were expensive and hard to come by. Fortunately, that part has changed, and women’s purple cardigans offer a brilliant crossover of a rich, sophisticated look in a classic style.

Women’s Lavender Cardigan

While purple has had an instant visual connection to royalty for centuries, it hasn’t been the exclusive domain of courts and castles. It’s also held connections to mystery and spirituality. As a mix of the energy of red with the serenity of blue, purple can awaken an array of sensibilities.

If you sometimes feel like some mix of those feelings, purple cardigans for women can help you tell a bit of your own story. Imagine a field of lavender, swaying beneath gentle sunlight or calling to you through a morning mist. Aromatherapy has long drawn on the fragrance of lavender to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. It’s said to reduce anxiety, stress, and even some aches and pains. It’s why we love washing everything from our hands to our dishes to our laundry in the stuff. More lavender, please!

A women’s lavender cardigan can be an ideal way to take that sense of self with you throughout your day. Lilac softens the boldness of purple a bit, adding a touch of youth and playfulness to this sense of spirit. A women’s lilac cardigan will help you reflect that. Violet mixes in a little more blue to the purple palette, emphasizing sensitivity, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. A women’s violet cardigan clothes you in a certain admirable sensibility.

Whichever hue best reflects your mood, your season, or your personality, you have a variety of hem and necklines to choose from in these cardigans. V-necks allow you to show your layers. Mix and match with a solid-colored base layer or add some stripes for a pop of energy. The higher neck still features a placket you can open or button up to your desire. And go with a traditional waist-length or an open, long design that drapes you like royalty.

Dress your cardigan up or down as needed. Women’s jeans give you a casual vibe, while women’s white jeans let you level up your sophisticated look. Leggings, of course, add a more laid-back feel while flattering your figure. To really cap it off, accessorize with gold against the darker hues to add some pop or to play up the sense of mysticism or spirituality inherent to purple. Consider a cashmere cardigan if you are looking to treat yourself.