Plus Size Purple Dress Pants

Plus Size Women’s Purple Dress Pants

Plus Size Women’s Purple Dress Pants

Purple pants always look regal, elegant, and stylish, and if you have a curvy figure, you'll love the collection of plus-size purple dress pants offered at Lands' End. From plus size dress pants the color of a ripe plum to ones made with the lightest shade of lavender, we have lots of sizes and styles of purple dress pants in plus size.

Look chic at work wearing a pair of dark purple dress pants paired with a cream-colored women's plus-size cashmere sweater. Complete this classic look with tan flats on your feet and an ivory-colored pearl necklace around your neck. When going out with friends for a nice dinner, wear purple dress pants in women's plus-size the color of mulberry. For the top, put on a gray plus-size turtleneck sweater, and finish the outfit with a plus-size tan blazer.

For an artistic look, wear a pair of violet-colored dress pants with a crisp women's plus-size white blouse tucked into the waistband, and add a light blue denim jacket over the top. This outfit will look nice with a pair of wedge sandals that have a ribbon that matches the jacket. Plus-size purple dress pants in women's styles are versatile enough to bring on vacation. Bring one pair in dark purple for romantic evening dinners and a pair the color of spring lilacs for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Shop Lands' End today and stock up on beautiful plus-size women's purple dress pants to add to your dress pant collection. From high-waisted pants to ones made with stretchy material that you can easily pull-on, we have them all. All the materials we use for our pants are of the highest quality, and the pants will look great wear after wear. Feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call or chat through our website with any questions about our plus-size purple pants. We can help you with your order and we look forward to speaking with you.