Plus Size Turtleneck Sweaters

Plus-Size Turtleneck Sweaters for Women

Plus-Size Turtleneck Sweaters for Women

They're soft, cozy, and stylish—what more can you want out of a winter sweater? Plus-size turtleneck sweaters for women are cold-weather must-haves that every fashion-conscious woman needs in her closet. Wear them alone or with an ensemble of layers—there are plenty of ways to look good in this top.

Easy to wear with a casual outfit or for work with some dress pants, women's plus-size turtleneck sweaters provide a sophisticated silhouette for a smooth figure every time. Whether you pick short-sleeve cotton turtleneck sweaters for plus-size women or long-sleeved cashmere versions, you can always find a place in your outfit rotation for this style. Get all the turtlenecks you need in different colors and patterns to create a vast range of looks for all the moods you will be in this year at Lands’ End.

Plus Size Turtleneck Sweaters for Women

Looking for some extra fun in your winter style? Look no further than accessorizing your turtleneck sweater with a variety of seasonal favorites. You can even extend the life of a thin cotton turtleneck by wearing one of your favorite plus-size tank tops as a top layer. Fashion scarves, vests, and a screen T-shirt can also make a fun top layer to boost the warmth of a spring and fall turtleneck.

When it comes to warmth, though, nothing beats the luxurious softness of a plus-size women's turtleneck. To be ready for the cold weather, select materials that are made to keep away the chills, like cashmere, thick cotton knits, and some toasty sweatshirt materials. These fabrics trap in heat and keep you feeling insulated even on the coldest of days.

When you get more plus-size turtleneck sweaters, you maximize your fashion range. Get this top in a variety of colors for the most choices. While you may want a stately black turtleneck to wear with a work skirt one day, you may crave a fun red turtleneck to wear with a pair of plus-size jeans or plus size activewear on the weekend. Then, style it up with a fashionable handbag and pair of heels for a chic and attractive look for a night out on the town!

With so many ways to wear plus-size turtlenecks for women—which come in a variety of designs and colors—you'll never run out of ways to put together an amazing outfit.