Women's Petite Draper James Swimsuits

Women's Petite Draper James Bathing Suits

Women's Petite Draper James Bathing Suits

Showcase your Southern charm when you wear adorable women's petite Draper James swimsuits from Lands' End. The collection of petite swimsuit pieces come from the line of clothing, accessories, and swimwear created by the famous actress Reese Witherspoon. In her line, she nods her head and pays homage to her Southern roots and family. 

It's easy to wear women's petite Draper James bathing suits all year long. You can wear them to your water aerobics class, during the summer when you're playing at the lake or beach, or when taking a winter tropical vacation. 

An important part of your swimwear collection is women's petite rash guards and you'll love the look and feel of our Draper James rash guard. The swim top helps to keep the sun off your skin and prevent abrasions on your arms when you're paddling out to catch the perfect wave, or guiding yourself down the river in an inner tube.

Pair the petite rash guard with petite swim shorts for an athletic look, or with a petite swim skirt for a modest look. If you're jogging down the beach, skipping stones across the lake, or jumping to hit the ball over the volleyball net, consider wearing women's water shoes to help protect your feet. 

The Draper James swim tee is lightweight and attractive enough that you can wear it with your favorite pair of petite shorts, or a skirt for a casual look. The top fits easily over any swimsuit top, petite tank top, or T-shirt. 

Following the laundering instructions for your petite women's Draper James bathing suits so they can last year after year. In addition, if you rinse your Draper James swimsuits for petite women in fresh water as soon as you take them off, they'll last even longer. Start shopping at Lands' End today to stock up on petite women's Draper James swimsuits and swimwear to carry you through the swimming season.