Women's Fleece Gloves

Fleece Gloves for Women

Fleece Gloves for Women

At Lands' End, we've taken the comfort and warmth of our fleece blankets and used them to make our women's fleece gloves feel just as cozy. When you slip these on your hands, you'll feel nice and toasty in no time. Winter seems to last forever, so you might as well find ways to be comfortable all season long.

When the temperature starts to drop, you're going to want something to warm your hands. Our fleece gloves are the perfect option since they provide a soft, protective layer between your hands and the frigid winter air. This fabric is incredibly soft and offers plenty of insulation to keep your hands comfortable in subzero temperatures.

These gloves are made of anti-pill fleece to keep them looking good as new for years to come. The material is also antistatic, making it resistant to pet hair, lint, and annoying static shocks. You can also text when wearing your women's fleece glove thanks to our EZ touch technology. Now, you can stay connected without ever having to take your gloves off. Our fleece is lightweight, so it's easy to move your fingers around while wearing them.

When it's time to plow the driveway, clear your car off, or just enjoy the winter weather, your three staples should be a pair of fleece gloves for women, some women's winter boots, and a women's winter coat. Keeping your fingers and toes warm is an essential part of staying comfortable throughout the winter.

You may also want to throw on one of our women's winter hats to keep your head and ears warm as well. Since all of our winter accessories come in a variety of colors and patterns, you can find options that look nice together from head to toe. Mix and match with our regular, plus size winter coats, and petite coats to create a fun winter look that you'll be eager to put on as soon as the first snowflakes start to fall.

Treat yourself to a warm and cozy winter season with women's fleece winter gloves from Lands' End. When you search our wide selection, you're sure to find your new favorite pair of gloves.