Women's Blue Sweaters

Blue Sweaters for Women

Blue Sweaters for Women

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater? No matter the weather, a sweater can make all the difference. Typically, we have a favorite sweater that we will turn to. It may be a favorite because of the fit, the style, or even the color. No matter the reason, your favorite sweater goes with you everywhere. We have a large selection of women’s sweaters, but we are going to concentrate on women's blue sweaters. Read on to learn why our blue sweater collection should become your new favorite. 

What Does the Color Blue Mean?

The color blue can mean many different things depending on the context. However, blue in general symbolizes peace, tranquility, stability, and dependability. It is often used as a calming aid. It can be a sign of intelligence, wisdom, and responsibility. Blue is often used in a corporate setting because it does have a professional look to it. 

The color blue represents both sky and sea, which invokes feelings of open space, freedom, expression, and imagination. Blue has also been associated with trust, loyalty, confidence, stability, faith, and intellect. It is easy to see why so many people levitate toward the color blue. With this in mind, you can easily shop our blue sweater collection and choose a sweater that will allow you to represent the true meaning of blue. 

Different Types of Women’s Blue Sweaters

There are various styles to choose from when shopping Lands' End's blue sweater collection. Below we will go through some of them, so you understand your options.

  • Open Cardigan - This type of cardigan has no button or zipper. It is a slip-on sweater that stays open. Most women opt for this cardigan when they are wanting to layer. 
  • Button Up Cardigan - It contains a row of buttons allowing you to fasten as many or as few as you like. 
  • Zip-up Cardigan - A cardigan with a zipper allows you to choose how open your sweater is. 
  • Cable Crew Neck - This is a chunky sweater that is often worn oversized for comfort. The crew neck gives you loads of room and allows you to layer underneath. 
  • V-Neck Cardigan - V-necks are preferred by some women. The neckline goes into a “V” shape. It gives you loads of room and exposes part of the chest area. 
  • Shaker Cardigan - Shaker Sweaters have grown in popularity over the years. It's a stitch that allows the same pattern to be displayed on both sides of the sweater. 
  • Tunic Sweater - Tunic length is typically longer than your normal sweater. This is perfect for those who like to wear their sweaters with leggings. The tunic length will go past the butt area. 
  • Turtleneck Sweater - This sweater will have a high neck, which is referred to as a turtleneck in the fashion industry. 
  • Boatneck Sweater - Boatneck sweaters have an elongated neck that runs from one shoulder to the next. This gives you loads of room under the sweater to layer if you choose. 
  • Quarter Zip Pullover - This women’s pullover sweater contains a small zipper that will run about ¾ down the pullover. 
  • Sweater Vest - Sweater vests are an old fashion icon that has remained a staple in the fashion industry. It is a sweater with no sleeves, and you can wear it over another shirt. 
  • Polo Sweater - It will have all the attributes that you love about a polo shirt, but it is a sweater. The short sleeves give you more versatility and allow you to wear these sweaters all year long. 

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