Unisex Coats & Jackets

Unisex Coats & Jackets

Unisex Coats & Jackets

Are you searching for a gender-neutral coat? Perhaps you want a coat that anyone in your family can utilize. Unisex coats are the answer. These coats tend to be a color that can be utilized by either sex. These colors may include blue, black, green, and brown. Jackets that are gender-neutral allow you the freedom to be who you want to be. More than ever, you want to have gender-friendly clothing to shop, and Lands’ End has you covered. 

What Does Unisex Sizing Mean?

Unisex sizing is closer to men’s sizing. If a man was to get a shirt in unisex sizing and the same shirt in men’s sizing, it would be hard for them to tell any difference. Unisex sizing can be beneficial for women who do not want fitted clothing. A lot of ladies' clothing is now fitted, and this can be annoying for women who have curves. So, when shopping, keep in mind that you do have the luxury of unisex sizing if you choose. 

Unisex Coats for Winter

Summer may have just begun but winter is right around the corner. This means everyone in your household will be pulling out their winter jackets. If you are lucky, some members of your family may be able to utilize their coats again, others you will have to look into buying a new winter jacket. 

When you choose a winter coat or jacket that is gender-neutral, this allows you to pass it from one family member to the next. This can be key in growing families. It can help you get more out of the clothing that you are buying for your family. 

We offer a large variety of girls’ winter coats and boys’ winter coats, but going with a unisex winter coat just makes sense. You will be able to pass that coat down to the youngest members of your family. Unisex sizing is one way to make your kids' clothing last for more than one season. 

Continue Shopping

Now that you know the benefits of opting for unisex jackets and coats, check out some of our other products. We have a large line of Plus-size women’s clothing, which also has some unisex sizing available. 

Don’t forget to check out our Women’s Winter Coats and Men’s Winter Coats, as you may find the jacket you have been wanting. Head on over to our home decor and pet supplies to see what is new. As you shop, if you have any issues be sure to reach out to our customer support team.