Girls' Winter Coats & Jackets

Coats & Jackets for Girls

Coats & Jackets for Girls

Girls’ Winter Coats

High-quality girls’ winter coats are a wardrobe essential. It’s as vital to her comfort as girls’ gloves, scarves, and earmuffs on the coldest days of the year. Our coats are available in a wide array of styles and sizes to ensure that you find the one she loves the most—and that she’ll look forward to wearing throughout the season.

We rate our girls’ winter jackets from warmer to warmest, so there’s never any question about how well they’ll combat the cold. No matter what the weather might be like, there’s a coat to keep her comfortable through every gust of wind, every drop in temperature, and every snowflake that falls.

It all comes down to the details. These winter coats for girls are made with her comfort in mind above all else. It’s why we not only offer them in both regular and plus sizes but also why each coat includes features that help her feel her best no matter how cold it might be out there. Look for styles that are waterproof, water-resistant, or water-repellent to ensure she stays dry through it all. Some are windproof or resistant to the wind for added comfort. There are even some styles with Grow-A-Long sleeves, with extendable arms to ensure the coat fits well even as she grows.

Girls’ Winter Jackets

We’ve got girls’ winter jackets for girls in all types of styles. Soft, fun, and colorful, they’re as fashionable as they are warm. Tie-dye? Stars? Polka dots? Beams of light? No matter what her preference, chances are she’ll find a patterned coat that will bring a smile to her face regardless of how dark and cloudy it might be out there. We also have coats in radiant colors like purple, red, pink, blue, and green. Of course, there are also reliable neutrals galore. Blacks and blues look great with everything—girls’ snow pants, jeans, leggings, and corduroy pants are just a few ideas she’ll love on the coldest days of the year.

Another advantage of our winter coats for kids girls’ styles is that they’re versatile enough to wear virtually anywhere. A puffy parka is a fun choice for sledding with friends or skiing on the slopes. She might prefer a lighter-weight fleece pullover when she wants something she can throw on over a long-sleeve girls’ top on a day that’s chilly, but not quite cold enough for a heavier coat. Timeless fleece jackets are easy to throw on and go, especially during late fall when it might be just cool enough for super-soft fabric.

Options are what make coat shopping so much fun. That’s why we’ve got it all, from reversible styles to insulated styles to packable styles. The latter is perfect if you’re traveling from a warmer area to a colder region. She can easily grab it and stash it in her bag so that she’s ready for anything the weather brings. No matter the choice, you can trust these coats and jackets to keep her as warm as possible all season long.