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Dog Treats & Toys

Buy Dog Treats & Toys at Lands' End

If you have a dog, you know the fun and joy he brings to your family. You also know that training or rewarding him can be tough sometimes! Have some dog treats at home in a stylish container for whenever you need to provide some reinforcement. Likewise, cute dog toys are a great way to keep your puppy entertained. You'll find treats and toys right here at Lands' End.

Nothing tells your dog you love him quite like treats! Whether your dog's been in the family for years or you're bringing home a new puppy, you'll want to have some puppy treats on hand. Store your treats in a dog treat tin when you want a cute yet practical way to keep those rewards nearby.

You've bundled up in your warmest winter coat and winter boots for a walk with your dog, and he was well-behaved despite the weather. Now's the time to show your appreciation with those treats he loves. Or maybe you're training the new puppy and need some treats as he learns to sit, stay, and heel. Treats will help you teach your dog some useful behaviors — and maybe a few tricks, too.

Of course, sometimes you want to treat your furry friend without giving any more treats. Your dog is sure to love a toy that's just for him! If your best friend has been chewing up your tennis shoes or favorite furniture, it might be time for a dog bone toy.

Have some fun with the whole family next holiday season when you give the kids their presents and bring home a toy just for the dog. Cute toys not only go well with your home decor, but they also provide your dog with something fun to chew on ... and that means fewer gnawed-on chairs and shoes!

As with all of your favorite Lands' End products (like those chairs and shoes you're trying to preserve!), you can count on us to deliver the best quality when it comes to everything we sell. That's also true of our dog treats and toys so you can shop for gifts for your dog with total confidence.

Your dog is an integral part of the family, and we know you want to shower him with love. What better way than with treats and toys? Lands' End has you covered when it comes to your fluffy best friend. Shop for treats, toys, and more at Lands' End today!