Sleeping Bags for Kids

Kids' Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Kids' Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Kids’ Sleeping Bags

Find cute, colorful kids’ sleeping bags at Lands’ End. They come in a variety of styles and are great for sleepovers, campouts, and daily naptime. Kids can also snuggle up in their youth sleeping bag to watch TV or read a book. These portable kids’ bedding essentials come in many colors and prints, so kids can find one they love.

There are sleeping bags in classic red plaid prints. Striped designs in colors like pink, purple, blue, and orange are another option. You’ll also find galaxy prints for kids interested in astronomy, along with sports themes and children’s sleeping bags that look like cute critters.

When it comes to fabric, one high-quality option is polyester. Almost all the kids’ sleeping bags at Lands’ End are made from this synthetic material. Polyester is warm and soft, and it’s also incredibly durable. For maximum softness, choose a sleeping bag crafted from velvety peached polyester or luxe sherpa polyester.

A polyester youth sleeping bag can last for years, or at least until your child needs a larger size. Most Lands’ End kids’ sleeping bags have a zipper closure for easy opening and closing, along with ties to keep the bag rolled up for convenient storage. Some kids’ sleeping bags have built-in pillows for added comfort. There are also styles with hooded pillows for even more coziness.

Some of the kids sleeping bags at Lands’ End are machine washable for easy cleaning. Others require commercial laundering. In the event of a minor spill, you can avoid the washing machine by spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Allow the area to air-dry and repeat the process if needed.

Children’s Sleeping Bags

The best children's sleeping bags are the ones that are most comfortable for them. As mentioned, polyester is a super-soft, sturdy fabric for sleeping bags. This includes polyester fill, which imparts a lofty look and feel. You’ll want to choose a sleeping bag that’s larger than your child, so they have plenty of coverage, warmth, and room to grow. Once your child outgrows their sleeping bag, you can gift it to a younger sibling.

If you do give a sleeping bag as a gift, include a pair of boys’ or girls’ pajamas. You could also give your child a pair of fuzzy girls’ or boys’ slippers and flannel robe. Kids can wear their PJs and lay their sleeping bags on the living room floor for a fun movie night.

A sleeping bag for children is a great gift for kids’ birthdays or just because. With so many colors and sizes available, you can find a sleeping bag that’s just right for your child.