Kids' Sleeping Bags

Children's Sleeping Bags

Children's Sleeping Bags

If you give a child a sleeping bag as a gift you will see them light up with joy. Why do kids get so excited over a kids' sleeping bag? Because usually pulling out their cool sleeping bags means that fun is on its way. Sleeping bags are used a lot of the time for camping trips and sleepovers. Our sleeping bags are designed for both boys and girls and come in kid-friendly, colorful, bold patterns.

Make your children's indoor sleeping bags unique for them with a personalized monogram. Add your child's name or initials to their personalized kids sleeping bags for an extra special touch. This is also a great way to avoid disagreements between family and friends who may have a similar sleeping bag as your child's.

At Lands' End, our children's sleeping bags are made to feel soft on the outside as well as the inside. Your child will feel warm and comfy as there is soft fleece lining the interior of our youth sleeping bags. For more warmth, have your child use their toddler sleeping bag with our personalized blankets as well.

These sleeping bags also have pillows attached to them which solves a problem that people face with other sleeping bags. Your child with no longer travel with their little girls' sleeping bag and forget their pillow at home. With our kids' sleeping bag with pillow, your child will always have a pillow to lay their head on at night. Our cute sleeping bags are sized extra long so that your child can continue to grow and still use their sleeping bag for many years.

An annoyance with other sleeping bags is that zippers can get stuck and it is a headache trying to fix it. With our sleeping bags, your child will be able to easily zip themselves in and out of their sleeping bag with our smooth-rolling zipper. When your child is done with their sleeping bag they can use the attached ties to roll and fold it up for next time.

Give your child a great gift of a girls' or boys' sleeping bag and see their day become brightened instantly. We have the best kids' sleeping bags, so check out our selection and see for yourself. Shop Lands' End for our selection of sleeping bags today. While you're here, check out our entire kids' bedding collection