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Boys Slippers

kids slippers

Just like cooler temperatures, strong air conditioning can lead to some cold toes if your boy is running around the house in his bare feet. Help make sure his feet stay warm and comfortable by shopping the great selection of Lands’ End slippers that includes boys house shoes and toddler boy slippers. If you want to make his kids slippers even more special, consider getting them monogrammed with his initials. Please allow us to tell you more about some of our favorite features on our boys slippers and toddler boy slippers.

Whether you're dealing with actual cooler temperatures or simply hard floors in your home that always seem chilly on the feet, boys moccasin slippers are a good choice for around the house. They are just as functional as boys house shoes when he's relaxing in the evening still in his boys’ T-shirt and jeans from school as they are with boy's pajamas when he's getting ready for bed. These kids slippers are a fine choice for wearing around the house at any time! The rubber outsoles give him a sure step when he's walking, and the cushioned foam footbed makes every step more comfortable.

Toddlers are particularly prone to slips and falls. Consider toddler house slippers with grip to keep your little one as steady on his feet as you can! You can make childrens slippers more appealing by looking for options in his favorite color or with an exciting design he'll love, like our popular critter slippers. You can also pick out and monogram a boy's robe to match the boys house shoes you choose and present them as a special “big boy” gift.

Whether you're searching for kids slippers for everyday wear or as part of a special gift, you'll find an excellent selection when you shop at Lands' End. Keep his feet warm and firmly on the ground with a new pair of boys slippers or toddler boy slippers from Lands' End