Scrubs for Women

Scrubs for Women

If you wear scrubs every day, then you know the difference the right fabric, design and features can make to your comfort. Nursing Scrubs, whether you are an experienced nurse or still in school, must be functional and comfortable above all else. That is why Lands’ End is introducing a collection of medical scrubs made with the long-wearing high quality you have come to expect from Lands’ End products, just right for everyone who needs to wear scrubs for optimal performance at work or in a training program.

Scrubs clothing is built for performance, and Lands’ End excels at performance! When you shop our scrubs store, you will get pieces that feature:

·        Comfort—we use fabric that moves with you on the job.

·        Functionality—garment design and pocket placement to help you get the job done.

·        Durability—we use fabric that has been extensively wear-tested.

·        Liquid Repellant Finish—liquids bead up and roll off, which helps with stain resistance as well.

·        Easy Care—your scrubs will be ready to wear straight from the dryer.

·        Free Hemming—custom hems to the quarter of an inch give you a perfect fit.

We are here to make sure you can concentrate on your work, not on your clothing. Scrubs with these features guarantee your comfort as well as the practicality you need on the job.

Our Scrubs for Women are cut and proportioned for a woman’s frame and figure, too, so that boxy or binding feel of generic “unisex” scrubs won’t hamper your comfort and therefore your performance. If you are in the business of shopping for scrubs for your entire team, browse through our collection of scrubs uniforms for all your business needs. If you are shopping for yourself, you will find many options and the layering pieces you need to complete your workaday scrubs outfits for maximum comfort and versatility. Complement your Scrubs for Women by layering them over a ladies long sleeve t-shirt, great for adding warmth or color to your everyday scrubs clothing. You’ll also find performance tees and Polos, as well as the fleece toppers and cardigans you will want for the cooler months. Every medical professional, from vet tech to pediatric anesthesiologist, needs the right medical scrubs and complementary pieces to be able to concentrate on the task as hand, free from the distraction of ill-fitting or under-performing clothing.

Lands’ End recognizes that alongside the learned doctors, dentists and veterinarians who oversee our health and that of our loved ones are the nurses and techs who do a lot of the proverbial heavy lifting within the medical and veterinary fields. Phlebotomists, nurses, vet techs, hygienists. . . they are the front line of our medical care, and we make Nursing Scrubs to suit the demands of the job. Mix and match scrubs clothing pieces with an abundance of thoughtfully-placed pockets help you get the job done even when you’re on the go.

Lands’ End is thrilled to offer Medical Scrubs and Nursing Scrubs in our new Scrubs Store. You deserve the quality and comfort of Lands’ End clothing every day, and naturally we offer performance features and details suited to the job, just as we do with all of our performance wear. Shop Scrubs at Lands’ End to enjoy the long-wearing, high-quality comfort of Lands’ End clothing all day, every day.