Light Pink Pillow Cases

Pink Pillow Cases, Blush Pillow Cases

Pink Pillow Cases, Blush Pillow Cases

Add a gentle pop of color to your bedroom with pink pillow cases from Lands' End. Pink is a versatile color for home decor and can be either a neutral or an accent color depending on the shade you choose. Stock up on a few different colors so that you can make subtle updates to your room without having to redecorate, or try a subtle pink-and-white pattern.

Our soft, 100% cotton bedding sets come in a range of gentle pinks ranging from light blush to vibrant rose and beachy coral. Choose a blush pillowcase or two to give your guest room a clean and welcoming vibe, or pick one of our delicate, timeless prints to complement classic white sheets. True lovers of pink can even add a few pink patterned throw pillows on top of the bed or choose a throw blanket in a complementary color for a bit of contrast.

If you already have pink or white linen sheet sets, the perfect pink pillowcase can be the finishing touch you need to complete the look of your bedroom. Lands' End has individual pillowcases available, or you can refresh your entire bedding set with a matching fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase bundle. All of our pillowcases are machine-washable and are made from only high-quality cotton to make sure that pink keeps its color even after dozens of wash cycles. 

Add a bit of your personal style with one of our custom pink pillow cases that you can adorn with your initials or even a classic embroidered design. We have several lettering fonts to choose from, so whether you have a modern and chic interior style or prefer something a bit more understated, we have you covered. Personalized blush pillow cases monogrammed with your family's name or a meaningful symbol can elevate an entire room and act as a keepsake that you can use every day.

Lands' End pink cotton pillowcases have the same high thread count as our entire collection of bed sheets, so you can drift off to sleep enveloped in soft, touchable fabrics from head to toe. When you shop Lands' End for your bedding needs, you'll receive products with fine stitching and soft fibers for long-lasting comfort and convenience.