Kids' Puffer Jackets

Kids' Puffer Coats

Kids' Puffer Coats

It's that exciting time of the year when winter hats, scarves, jackets, and boots come out of the closet. Winter is an exciting time for your sons and daughters, and Lands' End offers the perfect kids' puffer jacket for them to wear! We have different styles, patterns, and designs for boys and girls alike. Certain styles are reversible, others have artificial fur, and all are available in different types of fabrics and thickness.

Lands' End offers jackets with fleece liners, insulated down alternatives, and items in PrimaLoft Thermoplume; which will keep kids especially warm. A kids' puffer coat is a traditional household staple during cooler weather and comes in colors such as navy, teal, violet, gray, black, blue, orange, and rose. However, Lands' End also offers a decent puffer coat for kids in colorful, fun patterns like green camouflage, pink and purple floral, blue maze patterns, outer space designs, and buffalo checkers. Several styles are available in shiny or non-shiny versions.

Finding a puffer coat isn't the only thing to look for at Lands' End! We also have great options for girls' snow pants and boys' winter boots. Sizes for kids winter jackets range from Little Kids 4 through 7, and Big Kids 8 to 20. If those sizes don't work, be sure to check out Lands' End toddler jackets too! Lands' End has provided high-quality outerwear for winter and fall for many years and is a great option for parents as well as kids.

Some jackets are compressible and pack into the size of a tennis ball, while others are water-proof or lightweight. The options are limitless and cover various strategies for combating colder, harsher weather seasons. Enjoy shopping for your family with a company that you can trust. High-quality, warm, durable, and long-lasting jackets will keep mom and dad happy knowing that the kids are warm and toasty while playing outside in the snow. Send them outside to build a snow fort in a fun, colorful, warm, and stylish winter jacket. Shop Lands' End today and enjoy your time in the winter weather.