Toddler Winter Coats

Toddler Winter Jackets & Toddler Snow Jackets

Toddler Winter Jackets & Toddler Snow Jackets

Looking to keep the kids warm this winter while they're out having snowball fights and sledding? Maybe your toddlers are taking steps to learn skiing or snowboarding this year! Lands' End has an amazing toddler snow jacket that is durable, high-quality, and fun to wear! Shop Lands' End to find the easy fitting and stylish warm clothing that the little kids in your life will be happy to wear at preschool or while playing with their toys.

It's not hard to find a high-quality 3T winter coat or toddler ski jacket with our many options and sizes! For skiing and winter activities, our Squall jackets are waterproof and come in colors including lotus, teal, blue, black, and berry. Features of all jackets and styles are available here on the Lands' End website where you can use our size charts to find the perfect match to fit your son or daughter. Other jacket styles have features that include hoods, pockets, fleece liners, and down alternatives.

Finding a toddler snow coat that is both functional and that the very particular toddler will approve of can be difficult, but when you have the options that Lands' End does, you can avoid those "terrible two" moments while getting them ready for a day of outdoor activities! We strive to provide jackets for toddlers that meet all of the needs of parents and children.

Toddler winter coats don't just have to be warm and cozy, they also need to be fun and stylish! That's why we've created so many different styles in exciting patterns and colors. Let your favorite toddler choose from black or green camouflage, a vibrant sapphire geometric pattern, chartreuse tie-dye, purple floral, or a galaxy design for their holiday or birthday present this year! Consider shopping for other winter outwear at Lands' End for items like girls' snow pants and boys' winter boots.  

When it's time for winter outerwear for the toddler in your life, shop Lands' End today to find the size, style, colors, and designs to make you and your little one happy.