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Outdoor living and entertaining is more important to our social lives than it has been in a long, long time. If you’re shopping for patio furniture to complete your outdoor living space, or simply outdoor furniture to make your camping trips more comfortable, come take a peek at Lands’ End’s latest offerings! And if you have the slightest hesitation about purchasing patio furniture online, remember that Lands’ End has an impeccable reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction to go along with our generous return policy. Shop with confidence knowing that we’re not satisfied until you are satisfied!

The most important thing in shopping for patio outdoor furniture is making sure that it is truly all weather patio furniture. Classic teak furniture is always a good choice; it’s elegant, traditional and beautiful. It does, however, need regular treatments of teak oil to stay looking its best. While the lemon oil I use on my own teak furniture smells terrific and helps repel insects, not everyone is willing to make a hobby of keeping their teak pieces in perfect condition. Lands’ End is thrilled to offer All-Weather Recycled patio furniture, which we believe is the future of outdoor furniture! Our All-Weather Recycled patio furniture is made in the USA of 95% recycled post-consumer plastic—about 250 milk jugs go into producing a single Adirondack chair, for example! You can enjoy knowing you kept a lot of plastic out of a landfill as you enjoy knowing that your all weather patio furniture will last year after year, beautifully withstanding whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, pretty much maintenance-free. I like to give my all-weather outdoor furniture a quick power wash each spring, but that’s just my preference.

However, the outdoor living spaces of your home are not the only places you need outdoor furniture. What about a stadium seat, camp chairs, and beach umbrellas? Don’t worry! Lands’ End, as always, has you covered! Check out our wide array of outdoor furniture to find all those little extras that make life so much more comfortable! While it’s true you won’t want to haul a recycled patio furniture rocking chair to a kids’ soccer game, you can enjoy something just as comfortable if you take along one of our sturdy, comfy and convenient folding camp chairs. These outdoor pieces look good enough to bring into your outdoor living space to supplement your patio furniture if you have a particularly large gathering, too. We recommend grouping temporary outdoor furniture together in secondary conversation areas, around an additional fire for example, so that they look like a purposeful, thoughtful addition to your seating arrangements.

When you shop for patio furniture or all weather patio furniture, remember the grace notes that make your outdoor living spaces gracious and special. Fill a seagrass basket with comfy throw blankets and outdoor pillows, light some candles, and make your outdoor living room as cozy and inviting as your indoor living room. You, your family, and your guests will all appreciate the relaxation provided by sturdy, comfortable patio furniture and outdoor furniture. Weather you choose classic teak or all weather recycled patio furniture, Lands’ End has just what you need to make your outdoor time as comfy as your indoor time!