Nourison Rugs

Nourison Area Rugs

Nourison Area Rugs

Nourison rugs aren’t just for decoration. They add a certain warmth to any room. Just look at our Nourison Vail chevron wool area rug. Made out of 100% wool, it’s bold and textural as tree bark. The graphic lines design moves in counterpoint for a look as fresh as a mountain breeze. For that hand-tufted, loop-pile artisanal feel, you’ll want this low-shed wool rug, designed with softness and durability in mind.

If you have a high-traffic area room with little ones or pets running around, you’ll want a rug to help with noise reduction. Check out the Nourison Cyrus contemporary area rug. Contrary to popular beliefs, today’s rugs don’t have to look like they came from your grandma’s house. Fields of color drift into one another in this dreamy abstract design area rug. It has subtle, neutral tones for a natural, contemporary feel. You’ll love the feeling of its irresistibly soft power-loomed, low-profile cut pile.

No matter your style, we had a wide variety of Nourison rugs to choose from. For a rug with a bit of personality, you’ll love the Nourison Caribbean medallion area rug. The crisp contrast of navy blues and ivory make this an elegant rug as snappy as a cadet’s salute. Enjoy the delicacy of line hints at Colonial-era décor. For an emboldened and updated warm Caribbean flair, this is the low-pile, low-shedding rug of your tropical dreams. If you’re looking for rugs for the whole home, you’ll also love our bath rugs and mats.

Nourison Area Rugs

Protect your floors with Nourison area rugs. The Nourison Cyrus modern abstract area rug comes in various sizes, including a runner size. Made out of 22% polyester and 78% polypropylene, it’s power-woven in a low-profile, cut pile that is super-soft to the touch. Your rug is sure to make a statement of modern sophistication with an abstract design. This contemporary look can anchor your living room, foyer, or even playroom.

Instantly upgrade any of your rooms with Nourison area rugs. Take a look at the Nourison Bahari multi-floral wool area rug. You’ll be delighted by the dazzling, colorful botanical design of this fantastic neo-Persian rug. Its traditional floral motifs are made with a fresh, multi-color palette to modernize any room with an eclectic touch. Not to mention the soft and alluring hand-tufted loop pile and serged edge add another dimension. Check out the rest of the rugs in the Bahari Collection.

For both style and functionality, you’ll want a Nourison area rug to protect your floors and add a grounding aspect to any room. Look no further than the Nourison Vail wave wool area rug. Available in indigo and ivory or ivory and green, the rows of chevrons move like arrowheads across the textural surface. It’s a free-spirited Vail Collection area rug. The artisanal, hand-tufted loop pile is simply irresistible to the touch. You’ll love the durability and softness of the low-shed wool fibers. If you’re decorating your whole home, then the Nourison rugs pair well with any of our throw pillows and canvas storage bins. For a touch of warmth and all the style you need, be sure to check out all of the Nourison rugs at Lands’ End.