Men’s Traditional Fit Jeans

Traditional Fit Jeans

Traditional Fit Jeans

Men’s Traditional-Fit Jeans

Shopping for men's jeans can feel overwhelming. With so many fits, colors, and fabrics, it can be hard to understand what is going to work best for you and your needs. Luckily, we're here to help you sort it all out.

Our traditional fit jeans are our most popular fit, and for good reason! Our traditional fit jeans are 100% cotton fabric. They sit comfortably at the waist, they're straight through the hip and easy through the thigh. These jeans are classics and pair perfectly with a men's sweater.

For the men who appreciate elastic waist jeans, we offer our Comfort First Jeans with just the right amount of spandex. These jeans provide a little room to stretch as you move about your day. Just add a men's flannel shirt or a men's t-shirt on top and you're set to tackle a day on the sofa or a day in the yard.

If you are putting together a more polished outfit (say, for work or an outing with friends), dark-wash traditional-fit jeans are the way to go. For a more casual look (such as when you are spending the day at home with the kids or getting into household projects), light-wash traditional-fit jeans may be the better option. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of traditional-fit jeans for men in both a light and dark wash, so you are ready for every occasion.