Men's Spring Jackets

Spring Jackets for Men

Spring Jackets for Men

When it comes to men's spring jackets, Lands’ End has you covered! We have a variety of options for you to choose from including packable rain jackets, fleece jackets, barn coats, parkas, and bomber jackets. All are lightweight and perfect for transitioning from winter to spring or summer to fall. 

Men's spring and fall jackets are the perfect option to keep in your car or office. This way if you get a little chilly you have the option to add an extra layer. Our jackets are stylish, durable, and affordable. With so many options at your fingertips, it will be hard to choose just one. 

Men’s Lightweight Spring Jacket Frequently Asked Questions

Which jacket is best for spring?

At the beginning of spring, you may look at utilizing a wool or fleece jacket. This will help ward off the chilly mornings. As spring becomes a little warmer you may want to change to a barn jacket or utility jacket. They are lighter weight than a wool or fleece option. Men’s vests are another option you can opt for during the transition of seasons. 

What do you call a thin jacket?

A thin jacket is often referred to as a windbreaker. These types of jackets are perfect for heavy winds and light rain. 

What color of a man's coat goes with everything?

Most men will go for navy blue, gray, or black. These colors will go with anything you decide to wear. 

What is the best material for a lightweight jacket?

You want to go with a material that will not wrinkle or crease. You also want the material to be breathable and ready to accommodate a variety of weather conditions. Cotton and cotton blends are great choices for weather that is dry. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rainfall you may want to opt for a nylon jacket. This material will keep you dry during a storm. 

Does your coat have to match your pants?

Men do not typically worry about matching their jackets or coat with their trousers, but if you prefer your coat to match, you may want to go with a neutral color. Gray, navy, and black tend to be the best choices. 

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