Men's Red Chinos

Red Chinos Men & Burgundy Chinos Mens

Red Chinos Men & Burgundy Chinos Mens

Every guy knows he needs a pair of men’s tan khakis in his closet, whether they’re for business casual work attire or snappy casual social events. But if you’re looking for something new in the way of chinos or khakis, consider a pair of mens red chinos. Lands’ End offers a variety of red chinos men will love to add to their wardrobes, from rich burgundy perfect for the office to Nautical Red (think Nantucket reds!) perfect for casual occasions and resort vacations! Red provides a great pop of color and allows you to showcase your style and personality without sacrificing a comfortable, well-made pair of pants to do it!

Mens burgundy chinos and mens red khaki pants, surprisingly, pair easily with a variety of shirt options! With your mens red chino pants, keep it simple with a crisp T-shirt or men’s polo shirt and you'll be ready for a casual lunch, a quick nine holes or comfortable day at home. With burgundy chinos mens work wardrobes take on a little more personality—they’re acceptable in offices that follow a business casual dress code, but burgundy is trending for the first time in a while, so the color feels rich and fresh again!

Try a pair of mens maroon red chinos with a men’s dress shirt for a quiet day at the office or networking lunch. You'll look polished and professional, and feel completely confident and at ease. You might wear the aforementioned dress shirt, a men’s cotton sweater, or even a well-cut men’s T-shirt with your mens red chinos, and in warm weather (or anywhere there is a resort vibe) you can top mens red khaki pants with a jacket and be perfectly appropriate in any restaurant or dining room!

Don’t trouble yourself about what to wear with red chinos—in many parts of the world, Nautical Red is considered a neutral! White, chambray and soft yellow shirts are always a good choice, but you will find lots of options inside your own closet once you look. In red chinos men are sure to be noticed for their style! Colorful khakis from Lands’ End offer the panache you want in the high-quality, comfortable garment you know you deserve. Choose mens burgundy chinos and mens red chinos to add some fun to your casual and workwear wardrobes!