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Men's Mock Neck

Men's Mock Neck

Men’s Mock Turtlenecks

When you start to feel that chill in the air, you know it’s time to rotate your wardrobe. But don’t settle for what you wore last year. Refresh your look with a cool-weather favorite, men’s mock turtlenecks from Lands’ End.

Men’s mock necks have a long history of distinguishment and grace. They were once worn by knights to cushion against chainmail and by royalty as high-necked garments that indicated status.

Today, mock turtlenecks for men are all about options, and that’s what makes them such essential attire. Go high class with men’s khaki pants that let you dress to impress. Or you can downshift into a more casual speed with men's cargo pants or even men’s jeans. So whether it’s date night or a work function, or just a relaxed evening with friends, you can look and feel the part in cool confidence.

A men’s mock turtleneck still folds over like a traditional turtleneck but simply doesn’t reach as high. So it’s an ideal intermediate that gives you that turtleneck look while staying comfortable around your neck.

Men’s Mock Neck

These men’s mock neck shirts are all about comfort. They’re made of the same fabric as Lands’ End original men’s T-shirts in short and long sleeve. The only difference is the added material to create the neck, which is as durable as comfortable, to help retain its shape through countless washes. These mocks are also designed to avoid staining, pilling, fading, shrinking, or wrinkling. It all adds up to a style that’s as timeless as it is versatile.

Another thing that makes these mocks such great, versatile pieces is that you can wear them on their own or as a layer under a men’s sweater. Show a little more of it under a men’s cardigan sweater or a little less with a men's v-neck sweater.

The Super-T Mock Turtleneck features the same beefy jersey knit as the Super-T™ but with the extra neck coverage you want in a mock. This fabric seems to wear forever but in soothing, naturally breathable cotton. It’s neither too loose nor too tight. Finished rib cuffs with hits of spandex stay where you want them, whether you wear them full length or pull them up a bit.

The Super-T also offers a short-sleeve option for that mock neck with the cool freedom of T-shirt-length sleeves. This gives you another versatile option, as you can wear it on its own when temperatures are a little warmer or as an undershirt when the temps drop into sweater range.