Men's Jeans

Jeans for Men

Jeans for Men

Men’s jeans have been a style staple for decades, and by the looks of it, they will remain fashion favorites. After all, who would want to part ways with a clothing piece that is so practical, versatile, comfortable, and stylish (among other things)? There is a lot of appreciation to be had for men’s jeans, especially when you begin to explore all the ways you can style them.

Styling jeans for men is a skill and an art form; it’s the kind of thing that people get better at doing over time and with a bit of research. There are many ways to dress up denim and create a trendy, polished outfit. One way is to pair high-quality, dark-wash men’s jeans with a fashion statement belt (think something in a lighter color, like camel, to contrast the dark-wash jeans). For the top, choose something like a comfortable, high-quality men's sweater. After that, layer it with a tailored men’s blazer or a men's down vest. Finish the look with tan Oxfords. It’s a very comfortable outfit, but it’s also an eye-catching option that shows you have a sense of style.

Jeans for Men

The best jeans for men are practical and functional. While men’s jeans can very easily be dressed up, you can also wear them in more casual settings. Comfy men’s jeans come in many styles and cuts, so figure out which ones look the most flattering on your figure. Next, when piecing together a casual outfit with denim, choose a relaxed yet stylish top. A plaid men's flannel shirt or shirt jacket is an easy go-to, as are a fitted tee, a men’s polo shirt, or a sweater. In all honesty, men’s jeans can be worn with just about any top you can think of (provided they complement the color, cut, and style of the jeans).

Finally, when styling men’s jeans, footwear cannot be overlooked. The footwear you choose to go with your jeans will depend on the style and cut of the jeans themselves. It will also depend on whether you will tuck the jeans into the footwear or wear them outside the footwear. Things like Oxfords, boots, and loafers are all great choices that nicely complement men’s jeans. Or how about a pair of mens duck boots?

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